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Outlook 2010 - Sharing your Calendar

Any live@ucl user can open your Calendar, but they may not be able to see any details of any activities you put in it. Any entries you add will simply read: "Busy".

Please note: This depends on your departmental policy. Some departments will have an 'open Calendar' policy. This might mean that all Calendars in a department are open to colleagues in the same department but 'closed' (entries seen as 'free/busy' only) to the rest of UCL.

Alternatively, other departments might choose to have a 'closed Calendar' policy where all members of staff (in the department or otherwise) can only see Free/Busy but not further detail

You can share your Calendar with other individuals so that they can see more than just "Free/Busy" information. 

Tip! Sharing your Calendar does not allow a user to makes changes. To enable this, you will need to give a user Delegate access which is not described on this page.

To share your calendar:

1. Navigate to your Calendar. On the Home Tab and in the Share Group, click on the Share Calendar button.


2. You will now see a Sharing Invitation window where you need to:

  • Add a colleague to the To.. field by clicking the To… button or entering the name manually.  In this example we will use Test User2
  • Set the viewing level by choosing an option in the Details drop down box.
Availability only
Times will be shown as "Free", "Busy", "Tentative" or "Out of Office"
Limited details
Displays the availability and subjects of Calendar items only. (Users will not be able to open or view further details of a Calendar activity)
Full details
Displays the availability and full details of Calendar items. (Except items you have marked as Private)

3. You can add a note at the bottom of the screen within the text box provided and then click Send.

4. Outlook will confirm you would like to share your calendar with the colleague displayed and also the level of permission. Click Yes and the request will be sent.


You have completed Sharing your calendar.

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