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Outlook 2010 - Using the Room Finder

The Room Finder helps you to find the best time for a meeting based on room and attendee availability.

Creating a Meeting

1. Create a New Meeting (how do I do this?)

  • Add any attendees and all suitable possible rooms
  • Set the Start time for the earliest date time the meeting could be held
  • Set the End time so that the meeting is of the right duration
  • Go to the Scheduling Assistant
Schedule Assistant button in ribbon

2. Ensure that the Room Finder pane is visible (if it isn't, click on Room Finder on the ribbon (Meeting tab, Options group))

Room Finder button in toolbar

3. Viewing Suggested times

The Date Navigator at the top of the Room Finder shows the best dates to have the meeting.  'Good' dates are shown in white.

Click on a date in the Date Navigator to view more information in the boxes below.

The Suggested Times box shows detailed availability for time slots on the date you have selected.
For each time slot, the number of conflicts (the number of attendees who have conflicting items) and the number of available rooms is given.
Time slots are listed in order with the ones with the least conflicts and most availability shown at the top.

Hover your mouse over a time slot to see which attendees' diaries conflict and how many rooms are available.

Tip: Click and drag on the left hand edge of the room finder to widen it so you can see more detailed conflict information.

4. Selecting a suitable time slot and room

Click on a specific time slot under Suggested Times.

Your Start time and End time will be adjusted accordingly.

Available rooms are displayed in the box above labelled Choose an available room.

Click on a room under Choose an available room to select it.
The other rooms will be removed from the recipient list i.e. they will be 'unticked' in the Scheduling Assistant and removed from the To field on the Appointment screen.

5. Send the Meeting Request

  Room Finder in Outlook 2010


  • If you often use the same rooms, create a Calendar Group so you can quickly display the calendars for these rooms.  Create multiple Groups to organise rooms by location or size. 

    For more details see: Working with Calendar Groups

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