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Naming Standards Within the GAL (Global Address List)

All Room & Equipment Resources will be prefixed with "~"


Distribution Lists (DL's) will be prefixed with "+"

(Distribution lists contain a number of users that can be emailed)

External Contacts start with "EXT"

(email addresses of people who exist outside of the organisation)

Security Groups - Resources will be prefixed with ">"

(groups used to control access to a resource i.e. who can book or view a resource. These groups will also be used to control access to shared mailboxes)

Security Groups -  Team & Department will be prefixed with "="

(groups that contain all users of a team or department and are used to give members of the team or department specific permissions i.e. reviewer access on all team/department calendars)

NB: Access to secruity groups will be granted to authorised individuals.

Managing Resources with Outlook 2010/07

Viewing All Available Resources

Step 1.  Navigate to the Address Book > All Rooms

Booking A Resource

When you create a meeting from within your calendar and have invited attendees, an option called Rooms (to the right of the location field) presents itself for you to choose a resource to include within the meeting.

res 2-1
Managing A Resource

Each Resource has a USERS group associated with it and any member of this security group can book the resource.

For example a group called >ISD.SG.R.User.TrainingRoomB07 will control access to who can book the resource ~ISD.Training Room B07.  Both entries can be found in the GAL.

To add/remove users to the various groups go to your address book and find the users group from within the GAL.  Choose Modify Members.

Resource Settings

The Web based client OWA allows you to customize various settings for your resource.  Log Into OWA with your live credentials.

Step 1. Click on the drop down and open another mailbox


Step 2.  Type in the name of the resource


Step 3.
  Now go to Options > Settings > Resource


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