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Outlook 2010 - Remove an individual from a meeting or event

1. In Calendar view, double click on the meeting (or event) to open the meeting window. 

2. In the To field, click on the name of the person that you no longer need to attend the meeting, and press the delete key on your keyboard. (You may also need to remove the semi-colon (;) that separates one name from another.

3. Click on the Send Update button.

Remove one attendee from a meeting and send update

4. You will then be prompted to decide if you would like to send an update to just the individual(s) you have removed, or all attendees. Decide what you would like to do.

Send update to all attendees or just the individual(s) removed

5. The individual(s) whom you have removed from the meeting will receive an email informing them that the meeting has been cancelled.

The meeting will remain in their agenda until they remove it themselves by deleting it.

Example email of a cancelled meeting

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Remove it right. If you receive a meeting cancellation, click Remove from Calendar to remove the meeting from your calendar. Deleting the cancellation from your Inbox won't remove the meeting from your calendar.

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