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Outlook 2010 - Preventing responses

Normally, when you send a meeting request the Request Responses option is turned on so that you can track attendees' responses. But if you are sending to a meeting request to a large number of people and it is not critical that you know who can and cannot attend, you can turn off the Request Responses option when you send the meeting request.

To do this:

1. Create your meeting request.

See: Create a new meeting if you need assistance with this.

2. On the Meeting tab, in the Attendees group, click on the Response Options button.

3. From the list that appears, click on Request Responses to remove the tick from the box.

Prevent meeting response option

You have now turned off Request Responses. You will not receive any responses from attendees indicating whether they plan to attend or not.

If you turn off Allow New Time Proposals (the second option under Request Responses), attendees cannot propose a new time for your meeting.

Tip! You can prevent responses after you have sent the initial meeting request. To do this, double click on the meeting to open it. Click on Response Options in the Outlook ribbon, select Request Responses and click on the Send Update button.

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