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Outlook 2010 - Open another user's live@ucl calendar

You can open/view other user's calendar in Outlook. How much detail you see in the Calendar is dependent on the permissions that the other user has set.

1. On the Home tab in the Manage Calendars group, click on the Open Shared Calendar... button.

Open shared Calendar button

2. Type in the name of the person's Calendar you wish to open, or click on the Name button to perform a search in the Global Address List.

3. When you have typed in the name/located the person, click OK.

4. The new calendar will be listed under Shared Calendars in the Navigation Pane. It will also appear in the Reading Pane next to yours in a different colour. You can choose to view side by side in Week view, Day or Month view.

Two Calendars side by side

When viewing another user's calendar you will be viewing in read-only mode, unless you have been given permissions to edit their agenda.

Tip! As you open more Shared Calendars, the list in the Navigation Pane will grow. You can remove a Calendar from this list at any time by right-mouse-clicking on the calendar and selecting Delete Calendar.

Remove Shared Calendar from list

5. If you want to view just your calendar, or just the other person's calendar, remove the ticks from the relevant boxes in the Navigation Pane.

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