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Outlook 2010 - Navigate in Calendar

There are various ways to navigate in Calendar, and different ways to view your data. Learn about some of them here.

Click on the Calendar button in the Navigation pane.

Calendar button in Navigation Pane

You can navigate using the following methods:

Date Navigator in the Navigation pane

You can use the date navigator to move forwards and back through the weeks and months.
To advance the Date Navigator one month at a time, click on one of the triangles on either side of the name of the month.

Navigate using Date Navigator
Navigation arrows

You can also use the navigation arrows that appear that the top of the calendar page to move to the next or previous day,week or month (depending on the view that you are currently working in).

Date navigation arrows
Appointment tabs

Click on the Previous or Next Appointment tab (located vertically along the left-handed edge of the calendar) to move to between appointments.

Note: Navigation buttons are visible if there are no appointments displayed within the current view area. If there's even one appointment, the buttons will be hidden.

Previous and Next Appointment buttons

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