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Outlook 2010 - Modify an appointment, event or meeting

1. Double click on the entry (E.g. appointment) that you want to modify. This will open the appointment window.

Tip! If you are modifying a repeated item, you will be prompted with Do you want to open only this occurrence or the series?:

Prompt that appears when modifying a repeated meeting
  • This Series (this means every item in the series or to change the repetition pattern)
  • This Occurrence (any changes will affect only the specific occurrence you have double-clicked on)

Make your selection and any updates will be made to either that one instance or to all the repeated appointments in that series.

2. Make the changes that you require, such as the location, start/end time or any other changes.

3. When complete, click on the Send button it you want to notify other attendees of the changes you have made. Otherwise click on the File > Save and then the Close button.

4. You will be asked if you want to:

  • Save changes and send meeting
  • Save changes but don't send
  • Don't save changes
Options when modifying an entry

Make your selection and click on the OK button.

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