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Outlook 2010 - Forward a meeting request to someone else

If you have received a meeting request and are unable to attend but would like to nominate someone else to attend instead, you can forward the meeting to them. Or it might be that you think it would be useful for someone else to attend who has been missed off the list.

You forward a meeting by clicking on the Forward button in the notification email.

Things to note:
  • When you forward a meeting, a meeting forward notification is also sent to the meeting organiser. The email looks something like the following:
Your meeting was forwarded
<Name of original attendee> <> has forwarded your 
meeting request to additional recipients.
     Project discussion    
     Meeting Time    
     11 March 2011 12:00-12:30.    
     <Name of recipient> <>      
  • The person originally invited to the meeting still needs to accept/decline and send a response to the organiser.
  • The person receiving the forwarded request is added to the meeting as an optional attendee, and this is put into the organiser’s calendar. However, none of the other attendees will see this unless the organiser sends an update at some point. 

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