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Outlook 2010 - Create additional calendars

Outlook provides a default Calendar, but you can create additional calendars. For example, you might want to create a personal calendar to enter just your private items.

To create a new calendar:

1. In Calendar view, click on the Folder tab in the ribbon.

2. In the New group, click on the New Calendar button.

Create new calendar button

3. Give your new calendar a name.

By default, Outlook selects the Calendar folder in which to place your new calendar. It is recommended that you use the default.

Create new additional calendar

4. You will now see your new additional Calendar listed under My Calendars in the Navigation Pane.

5. If you would like to create more calendars, repeat steps 1-3 above.

Tip! You can share your additional Calendars with others, for example, you might want to share a team calendar.

To do this, right-click on the name of the calendar in the Navigation Pane. From the menu that appears, select Share. You will be presented with several more options, choose Share Calendar.

Share additional calendar option

A share request email window will open. Fill in the details and click on the Send button.

If you need further information about the share request email, see: Sharing invitation window.

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