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Outlook 2010 - Accepting a calendar share request

Another user wants to share their calendar with you and has given you the necessary permissions (viewing rights) so that you can view the details of their calendar.

Please note: This depends on your departmental policy. Some departments will have an 'open Calendar' policy. This might mean that all Calendars in a department are open to colleagues in the same department but 'closed' (entries seen as 'free/busy' only) to the rest of UCL.

Alternatively, other departments might choose to have a 'closed Calendar' policy where all members of staff (in the department or otherwise) can only see Free/Busy but not further details.

Follow the steps below to accept their share request.

1. Your colleague has requested that you have viewing rights to their calendar. You should now have a Sharing Invitation request sitting in your Inbox. Much like the example below. The Info Bar in the message will say something like "<Name> has invited you to view his or her Calendar".


2. Double click on the Sharing Invitation to open and you will be presented with a Email looking window populated with From, To and Subject details pertaining to the request they have made for you to access their calendar. Click on the Open this Calendar button.


3. Outlook will then automatically direct you to the Calendar section where you will see your own Calendar and also your colleague's side by side.

4. On the left of the screen, within the navigation pane, you will see an option which reads Shared Calendars and your colleagues name underneath.

The more calendar access you have and the more invitations you accept, a list of colleagues will appear under shared calendars allowing you to view them simultaneously. By clicking on the check box by each name you can turn on and off viewing the calendar as you please.


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