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Outlook 2010 - Recovering items deleted from the Deleted Items folder

[The following is taken from the Microsoft website]

When items such as messages are deleted from the Deleted Items folder, they are usually stored on the server for 14 days and can be recovered during this time. After this period, deleted items are permanently removed and cannot be recovered.

To recover deleted items:

1. In Mail view, click on the Deleted Items folder in the Navigation Pane.

2. Click on the Folder tab and in the Clean Up group, click on the Recover Deleted Items button.

Recover deleted items button

3. An additional window will appear (Recover Deleted Items window) listing the date and time of all the items you have emptied from the Deleted Items folder.

Recover deleted items box

Items are listed in order of the date and time they were deleted, starting with the oldest. To make it easier to find the item(s) you want to recover, you can change the sort order by clicking on the name of the heading you want to sort by.

For example, to sort by the item's sender, click on the From heading to sort the list in A-Z order. Click the same heading a second time to sort the list in reverse order by that heading.

4. Click on the item you wish to retrieve.


  • Hold down the SHIFT key to click a number of adjacent items.
  • Hold down the CTRL key to select a number of non-adjacent items.
  • To select all items, click on the Select All button in the top left hand corner of the Recover Deleted Items window.

5. When you have selected the item(s), click on the Recover Selected Items button.

Recover selected items button

Please note: The recovered items will be placed back in the Deleted Items folder.

If you intend to keep your newly recovered item(s), you will need to move them from the Deleted Items folder back into the Inbox or another appropriate folder. See below for instructions.

Moving messages from Deleted Items

To move items from the Deleted Items folder:

1. In the Navigation Pane, click on the Deleted Items folder to display the folder's contents.

2. Select the item(s) you want to move.

3. Right-click on the selected item, click Move.

4. Click on Other Folder...

Move recovered items to a folder

The Move Items window will appear.

5. Click on the folder you wish to move the item(s) to. Then click on the OK button.

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