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Using Outlook 2010 - Useful features for PAs

If you are a PA or advanced user of Outlook 2010, you might find the following features useful.

Best practice
Calendar do's and don'ts
Delegation of Email Monitor and maintain another person's Mailbox such as an executive or a senior member of staff.
Delegation of Calendar Monitor and maintain another person's Calendar, create and respond to meeting requests on their behalf.
Send on Behalf Of... Send emails on behalf of someone else without havingĀ  general access to their Mailbox.
Tracking meeting responses Track who will and will not be attending meetings that you have proposed.
Voting buttons Get answers to a question from a group of email recipients and track their responses.
Read and delivery receipts Request confirmation that your message has been read or delivered.
Using the Scheduling Assistant Use the Scheduling Assistant to arrange and find the best time for your meeting.
Using the Outlook Address Book Get familiar with the Outlook address book which can be confusing with it's array of lists!
Share contacts
Give permission to other Live@UCL users to view, modify or add contacts that you have saved in Outlook and vice versa.
Forward a meeting
Meeting requests can be forwarded to other people. As a meeting organiser you will receive notifications of this.
Prevent meeting responses
If you arrange a meeting and do not require responses to your invitation, you can switch this option off.
Message and recipient limits
(external link)
There are sending size limits that are applied to email messages and recipient limits. Read more on Microsoft's web pages.

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