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Windows Mobile V 7

Step 1. Scroll to the Settings option from the main applications list screen.

Step 2. Select email and accounts

Step 3. Select Add an account

Step 4. Select Outlook option (not windows live)

Step 5. Within the Email address field type your UCL account ( Within Password type your UCL E-mail password.

Step 6. Choose the Sign in option.

Step 7. This will fail and prompt you for a userid, type your full live ID ( and domain (

Step 8. Choose Sign in again

Step 9. The account is now created and will pin a link to your home screen

Windows Mobile V 5/6

This is a general guide to accessing the full live@UCL service on your Windows Mobile, It is possible different O/S and models may differ slightly in the account creation process however the details still remain the same.  The HTC Touch Pro 2 mobile phone model was used for the purpose of this guide.

Step 1.  Firstly Navigate to the E-mail icon and access the messaging account screen.

Step 2.
  Then click the Outlook Email account.

Step 3.  You could be asked for some of the following pieces of information dependent on your mobile phone.

E-mail Address - (e.g

live@UCL userid - (e.g

Domain name -

UCL Password

Step 4.  Tick the checkbox "Try to get email settings automatically from the  exchange server" and then click Next.

Step 5.  Automatic setup will now be searching for your details and should take no longer than 30 seconds.

Step 6.  You should then receive confirmation your settings have been found so click Next.

Step 7.  You will then have the option to choose which content you wish to synchronise.  you have a choice of Contacts, Calendar, E-mail, Tasks and Text messages.  By highlighting the content and then clicking the settings button you also get additional options and advanced options for your synchronisation. 

If you have already used the outlook calendar on your phone when using activesync and connecting via USB to your PC then double check your settings.  You could end up syncing all these additional items into the live calendar.

Step 8.  Click Finish when done.

Step 9.  Within the E-mail window you now have an account called either Outlook E-mail or your UserID.

You are now set up to use the live@UCL service on your windows mobile phone.

Important Information

Private calendar entries fully supported with Windows Mobile.

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