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Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)

Step 1. Find the Email icon

Step 2. Type in your Email address and Password.

Step 3. Select Manual setup and then tap Exchange.


Step 4. Populate the following fields:

Domain\Username: e.g. Server:


Step 5. Tick Use secure connection (SSL) and Accept all SSL certificates. Ensure that it displays the following port number: 443 and then click Next.

Step 6. The following Remote security administration warning box will appear. Tap OK to proceed:


Step 7. Set your account preferences as required. You can also choose to sync your live@UCL contacts and calendar by selecting the relevant tick boxes. Click Next.

(NB: The Automatic default is to sync email for the past month).


Step 8. It should then advise that the account had been set up. Click Next. 


Step 9. Click Ok to update security settings and then finally tap the Activate button on activate device administrator screen. 


Step 10. It should then sync your email account and then you back to the accounts screen.Complete.

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