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Any device that allows an Exchange connection can be configured using ActiveSync.

ActiveSync is software that is used to synchronize mail, calendars, contacts and other data between desktop PCs and mobile devices such as PDAs and smartphones. ActiveSync also provides additional functionality i.e. Remote Wipe (see below)

The following is a list of Active Sync enabled devices:

  • Apple    - The Apple iPhone offers Exchange ActiveSync functionality. Users can configure an Exchange ActiveSync account on their Apple iPhone and synchronize e-mail, calendar, and contacts.
  • Nokia   - Nokia offers Mail for Exchange on their Eseries mobile phones. E-mail, calendar, and contact data can be synchronized over a cellular network or a wireless LAN. 
  • Sony Ericsson  - Sony Ericsson offers Exchange ActiveSync support on several of their newer smartphones. They also support Direct Push through a third-party program. 
  • Palm  - Palm offers several Windows Mobile phones. 
  • Motorola  - Motorola has its own synchronization framework that enables over-the-air synchronization through Exchange ActiveSync on many its devices. 
  • Symbian   - Symbian Limited licenses Exchange ActiveSync for use in the Symbian operating system. This operating system is an open standard operating system for mobile telephones.

This is also includes Android though anything below version 2.2 (Froyo) has problems with Sync.

When the above devices are configured using Active Sync additional options are available to the users i.e Remote Wipe.

Remote Wipe

** Please be very cautious before executing the following command **

One of the functions available to users who connect using Active Sync is the Remote Wipe Command. Mobile devices that have been configured to access live@UCL email could potentially be storing personal, business and sensitive data. If a device is lost or stolen, that data could therefore be compromised. Remote Wipe enables a user to have full control of being able to wipe the data from the device therefore preventing a 3rd party from accessing the information.

In addition to end users being able to initiate the remote wipe command, authorised ISD members of staff can also initiate this command on behalf of the end user. In this case the end user will be asked to provide written permission, as approval to initiate the remote wipe command, before the device is wiped.

Please Note: When resetting the mobile phone to the factory default condition, a remote device wipe also deletes any data on any storage card that's inserted in the mobile phone. If you're performing a remote device wipe on a mobile phone in your possession and want to keep the data on the storage card, remove the storage card before you initiate the remote device wipe.

To active the Remote Wipe command.

  1. Login to
  2. From the Options Menu select  See All Options
  3. Click on the Phone option in the left-hand menu
OWA remote wipe

4. Click on 'Wipe Device'
5. It will ask you to confirm the Remote Wipe before proceeding to wipe the device.

The official Microsoft pages on Remote Wipe and ActiveSync devices can be accessed from:

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