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FAQ about Staff WTS 2010

Can I still connect to the old version of Staff WTS (2000)?

Yes. Staff WTS 2010 has a limited amount of software installed. See the WTS 2010 software list for more details.

You may find that there is application you need to use which is not installed on this new version of WTS.

To connect to Staff WTS 2000:
  • On your desktop, locate the Staff WTS 2000 Desktop icon and double-click to launch it.
WTS 2000 icon on desktop
  • A second, slightly smaller WTS window will open, giving you access to Staff WTS 2000 and a broader range of applications.
WTS 2010 & 2000 desktops

Can I switch between Staff WTS 2010 and 2000?

Yes. Once the WTS 2000 has launched (in a slightly smaller window), you can access your 2010 desktop quite easily by minimising the WTS 2000 window.

The minimise button is located in the top right corner of the WTS 2000 window.

Desktop minimise button

Tip! When you minimise the WTS 2000 screen the Staff WTS start panel may appear in front of the WTS 2010 window. Click on the WTS 2010 screen (in the background) to remove it from your view. 

What is the Staff WTS start panel?

To bring the WTS 2000 window back into your main view, double click on the Staff WTS 2000 desktop icon (on the WTS 2010 desktop).

WTS 2000 icon on desktop
Please note: You should not expand the WTS 2010 window in an attempt to fill the entire screen. Doing this will cause your resolution and colours to display incorrectly and could affect the working of some applications.

What do I need to do if I create a document in Office 2010 (such as a Word or Excel document)?

It is good practice that when you save a document, you save in a way that makes your document 'portable'. This will ensure that your documents can be used in different versions of Word, Excel etc. whether you are working on campus, home or switching between the old and new versions of WTS.

To do this - when you save a document (File > Save As), next to "Save as type", you should choose “Word 97-2003 document”. 

At a glance, you can easily tell what type of document you have saved:

  • Word 2010 will have a .docx extension
  • Word 97-2003 will have a .doc extension
Save As options in Word 2010

I’ve got lots of bookmarks/favourites. Will I see them if I switch between the old and new version of WTS?

Yes. You will be able to see your Internet Explorer favourites in both WTS 2000 & 2010. However, you will not have access to any Firefox bookmarks. Firefox is not available in WTS 2010.

If I save my Work in Staff WTS 2010, will I be able to see them in WTS 2000?

Yes. Ensure that you save your files to the Central Filestore (N: Drive) or Shared Central Filestore (S: drive) and you will be able to see your files on both systems.

I have work saved on my desktop, will I still have access to these files?

No, the desktops are separate. However, we always strongly recommend that it is best practice to save your work to the Central Filestore rather than the desktop.

I use Reference Manager, can I use it in Staff WTS 2010?

No, Reference Manager does not integrate with Word 2010. This means that if you use Word on WTS 2010 you will not have access to bibliographic data management functions such as citation and creating reference lists.

You should switch to Staff WTS 2000 and use Reference Manager with Word 2003.

Alternatively, you could use a program called Endnote which is available in WTS 2010 under Software E-L (a Getting Started guide is available also).

What are the software differences between the two systems?

The table below shows key software differences:

Staff WTS 2000
Staf WTS 2010
Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 8

Office Professional 2003

(Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)

Office Professional 2010

(Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)

Publisher 2003
Publisher 2010
Project 2002
Project 2010
Reference Manager 12 (Integrates with Word 2003)
Not available (Reference Manager does not integrate with Word 2010)
Firefox 3
Not available

I've never used the Office 2010 applications before. Is there any help available?

Yes! There are:

Will I still be able to print using my usual printer?

  • If your printer is a local printer it should be automatically be picked up in Staff WTS 2010 as long as you have it set as default on the Managed PC locally.See: Installing a local printer on a Staff WTS PC for more information.
  • If your printer is a network printer it should automatically be picked up and appear in your printer list. Please note however, you will not be able to set your network printer as default if you have a local printer installed on your standalone machine. Your local printer will always override your network printer and be picked up as default.

How can I lock my session?

To lock your WTS session, press the shortcut keys Ctrl + F1 on your keyboard.

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