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WTS Migration

The current version of Staff WTS does not allow users to connect to live@UCL in Exchange mode.

Exchange Mode - provides full functionality of E-mail, Calendar and Contacts 

  • enables you to synchronise E-mail, Calendar and Contacts with your iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile & Android-based phone.
  • provides the facility to share Mailboxes, Tasks, Contacts & Calendars.
  • advanced email options such as: recall sent messages, out-of-office, deferred sent messages, send a copy of an email as an attachment and more..

Therefore, a new version of WTS (Staff WTS 2010) will be made available to allow users to connect to live@UCL using Outlook 2010 (provides Online mode).

Please note: only a limited number of applications are available on WTS 2010. Some services that will still need to be accessed via WTS 2000 are:

  • DeMISt Admissions System (DAS)
  • CMIS
  • DeMISt Resource Management System (RMS)
  • DeMISt Bentham
  • Documentum

Step Three  - Connecting to live@UCL

There are three ways to connect to WTS 2010. Please click on the relevant option below.

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