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Import Your OC Calendar File (*.ICS) into Outlook 2010

The following guide will take you through opening your Calendar ICS file into a external E-mail client.  Currently the following programs that support this type of file format are Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007.

Important Points to remember;

  • The calendar entries contained within the ICS file range from the 2004 - 2014.  Significantly less than is imported in the auto migration of entries into your live@UCL calendar (01-01-2011 - 3 months in the future)
  • The ICS file will be stored on your N:\ (Home File Store) and will have the same name as your current userid.  N:\oc-archive-ics\ucluserid.ICS
  • Non Outlook users will still need to undergo the process below to enable them to view this calendar information within the web client OWA (Outlook Web App).
  • The guide outlines a process of creating a ** New calendar  ** from the Oracle Calendar  ICS file.  Not at any stage should the information be directly imported into your existing live@UCL calendar

Step 1.  Within Outlook 2010 navigate to File Tab > Open > Import.  Within Outlook 2007 navigate to the File Menu > Import and Export.


Step 2.  Choose option Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar (.vcs)


Step 3.  Locate your ICS file (N:\oc-archive-ics\ucluserid.ICS)

Step 4.  *****IMPORTANT INFO*****, only select the option OPEN AS NEW.

to do this will see ten years worth of calendar info placed into live possibly creating many duplicates and entries which will not be fully functional updateable calendar entries.


Step 5.  The new calendar is then viewable under the section Other calendars and sits within the navigation pane on the left of the screen.  The right click menu option allows you to go to properties to rename the calendar to something more memorable.  Right Click > Properties


Step 6.  Rename the calendar under the top field of the General Tab. Click Ok.


Important Information about the imported .ics file

The .ics file that you have imported is personal to you and cannot be seen by other live@UCL users. You can copy entries from your .ics calendar to your default calendar. There are however issues with this process e.g.

  1. All normal entries will have been imported as private
  2. All confidential entries are marked as normal i.e. they are no longer private

Our advice therefore is to recreate the meetings in live@UCL and invite any users who need to attend the meetings and marking any private meetings as such.

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