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Create Server-Side Rules For A Shared Mailbox (OWA)

Using live@UCL you have the opportunity to set up custom rules on any mailbox.  These are classified into two areas.  Client-side rules and server-side rules. 

Server-Side Rules

Entirely controlled by the Exchange Server, regardless of the settings within the Outlook client.

Client-Side Rules

These run when the user who created the rules within the Outlook client, logs into the profile used to create the rule.  Only when outlook is open will they execute.

Server-side rules can be created through the live@UCL online web solution OWA.  You can log into OWA with your user account, access the shared mailbox and then create rules for your shared mailbox provided you are an owner.  As an example, you may wish to forward, delete or copy emails to various folder locations, choose to automatically delete meeting replies or assign incoming messages to a category.  These can all be administered within OWA and the effect of these can ripple to all current users of the shared mailbox so they take advantages from it also.

Step 1.  Open OWA (here) and log into your user account.

Step 2.  Click the down arrow next to your name in the top right hand corner of the screen to display a drop down list of options.  Choose Open Another Mailbox


Step 3.  Add the name of the shared mailbox within the Select Mailbox field and then click Open.


Step 4.  The window will change in it's entirety to display just the shared mailbox with the folder structure on the left of the screen. 


Step 5.  You are now within the shared mailbox and can administer any options you require.  Go to the Options screen by choosing the options button on the top right of your screen.


Step 6.  Within the Options screen menu select the Organize E-mail tab.  By default you will be within the Inbox Rules section.  Click the New Button to create a rule.


Step 7.  Click More Options.


Step 8.
  You will now have a more advanced set of rules to create for your shared mailbox. 


Step 9
.  When you have created your rule Click Save and you will be returned to the options screen and your new rule will be visible under the Inbox Rules list of rules.  Now would be time to test the rule you have created.


You have now successfully learnt how to administer shared mailbox Server-Side rules for live@UCL

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