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Setting up and Using Resources

Uses & Features Of A Resource
  • To enable users to book meeting rooms or pieces of equipment or anything that is commonly defined as a resource.  For example laptops, training pc's projectors etc.
  • Inviting the resource and having it integrated into a specific meeting within Outlook, creates a much smoother booking system ensuring double booking can never take place.
  • Allows users the ability to administer and maintain use of the resources by themselves.
Requesting A Resource

You will need to contact the ISD Service Desk.  The Service Desk will ask you for specific information e.g. Owner Information, Naming conventions etc.

Naming Conventions And Managing A Resource

Once the resource has been created, the owners of the resource have the ability to maintain the resource using Outlook 2010/2007 or OWA.

Resources can be identified in the GAL in the following format:

~Buliding Name.Room Nos (nos of seats).Department Name

E.g. ~DMSWatsonBld.417(25).Library

Each Resource has an ADMINS and USERS secruity group associated with it.  

  • Members of the USERS security group can book the resource.
  • Members of the ADMINS group can add/remove members of the USERS group.

The secruity groups are available in the GAL and are created in the following format;

>Department Name. Building Name. Room Name or Nos. Admins. SG. R. userid

>Department Name. Building Name. Room Name or Nos. Users. SG. R. userid




GAL Secruity Groups

  • To add/remove users : Open your address book and find the security groups associated with your resource from within the GAL.
  • To modify the membership of the security groups : Double click on the security group and Choose Modify Members. Add or remove members.
Resource Settings

The Web based client OWA allows you to customize various settings for your resource.  Log into OWA with your liveID and ISD password.

Step 1. Click on the drop down and open another mailbox

OWA Open Mailbox

Step 2.  Type in the name of the resource

Open Mailbox

Step 3.
  Now go to Options > Settings > Resource


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