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Setting Up And Using Central Distribution Lists

A central distribution list is different from a personal distribution list (used only by you) which can be set up within an email program such as Outlook 2010.

See: create a personal distribution list (called Contact Groups) in Outlook 2010.

Uses Of A Distribution List

You can use distribution lists in messages, task requests, meeting requests, and other distribution lists.

Features Of A Distribution List

A distribution list is a collection of contacts which allows you to E-mail multiple people within a group effortlessly.  For example if you send many E-mails to a particular department or project team, the distribution list will contain all the names of the members of that team.  A message to the distribution list created is delivered to all the recipients therein.  Recipients of the E-mails sent to the list will see their own names and the names of all the other recipients on the To line of the message.  This is instead of seeing the name of the distribution list that the originator used.

There are two different groups within a distribution list - Owners and Members.

  • Owners - Can manage the distribution list. They can add and remove members, restrict who can email the list and are responsible for keeping the list up to date.
  • Members - receive emails sent to the distirbution list

A central distribution list can only contain UCL email addresses. If you require a distribution list that contains external email addresses then you will need to use the Mailman mailing list service, see: Mailman.

Naming Conventions

Within the Global Address List (GAL) all distribution lists are prefixed with a + sign.  The naming convention is +(Dep Name).(DL Name)  For example

+ISD.Example DL

Image below shows examples of how distribution lists appear in the Global Address List


Requesting A Distribution List

To request a central distribution list you will need to contact the ISD Service Desk. The request will need to come from either the Computer Rep or Departmental Administrator in your department. The Service Desk will require the following information -

  • Name of the list
  • Owner(s) of the list
  • Email address of the list
  • Email addresses of the people to go on the list
Managing A Distribution List

Once the Distribution list is created it is possible to manage and maintain the list using the OWA ( web page and Outlook 2010. Further information and instructions on managing distribution lists can be found here.

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