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MS outlook 2011 (Mac)

Step 1.  Open MS Outlook 2011. If opening Outlook 2011 for the first time you will be presented with the Accounts window prompting you to Add an account.  If not please visit within the menu bar Tools > Accounts


Step 2.  Select the Exchange Account button. 

Step 3.  Fill in the following details substituting your credentials. E-mail address = Your UCL E-mail address , E.G

Method = User Name and Password

User Name = Your live@UCL UserID, E.G

Password = Your UCL password


Step 4.  Outlook will attempt to detect the Exchange Account. 

Step 5.  At the following Autodiscover window tick the option Always use my response for this server.  Then click Allow.


Step 6.   Your Account has now been created.  Feel free to amend the account description to something more memorable or visit the advanced tab for more in depth settings and delegate permissions.  Close out of the account window to start using outlook 2011.


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