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Managing your mailboxes

Each mail client works in different ways with IMAP. Please read through the following advice on how to make the most effective use of your email. 

General Advice

  • Manage the size of your mailboxes. Limit the number of messages in your In and Out/Sent mailboxes. We advise that you keep very active mailboxes to a small size by splitting up and transferring your messages into other mailboxes if they are larger than 50Mb in size.For example, you could set up mailboxes by subject or your Sent Items can be split into 'sent2004', 'sent2005' with this years mail in your usual Sent Items mailbox.  
  • Purge Deleted Messages - Most IMAP mail clients do not automatically delete e-mail, but instead mark messages for deletion, by just deleting the message it may be hidden rather than removed from your mailbox.When you check your email using IMAP remember to purge your deleted messages to ensure all messages are actually removed from your mailbox, and not just hidden. Check that your email program (such as Outlook or Thunderbird) is purging deleted messages as they may still be taking up file space.
  • Sending Messages in Plain Text Format (rather than in HTML). This should reduce the size of the message you send preventing you from increasing your colleagues mailbox size.

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