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S: Drive (Shared Data Area)

Information for Co-ordinators & Departmental Computer Reps

What is it?

A shared data area that departments can use for collaborative working between colleagues.

Requesting an S: drive

A shared data area needs to be applied for by your Departmental Computer Rep. During the registration process, your Computer Rep will nominate a Coordinator for the shared data area.

Once the drive has been set up, the Co-ordinator will then be able to submit requests to add and remove users from the S: drive.

The Co-ordinator can also request for folders to be set up so that they are restricted to a particular group of people, therefore making the folders inaccessible to others in the department.


You can log in to Staff WTS 2000 or 2010 to see your S: drive.

Staff WTS can be accessed at work or remotely, so can have access to all of your files and folders wherever you are.

Users of standalone/departmental machines will need to manually map their S: drives.

For detailed instructions, please submit your UCL userid via the online form.


The S: drive has an overall capacity of over 2TB. This space is shared across all departments that use the S: drive. We keep a check on S: drive usage and add/move capacity around as needed. It is not necessary to request quota increases for the S: drive.

Please note: the S: drive should not be used for backing up data from laptops, personal or departmental computers. It is a shared data area and should only be used for the purpose of sharing files with colleagues.

Work related files that do not need to be shared should be saved to your personal area on the Central Filestore (the N: drive).

Backups/file restores

Backups are made every night of all files created or modified since the preceding night's backup. 

If you delete a file that was created the same day, it will not be possible to recover it.  The date the file was created or changed must be a previous day, it cannot be the same date that the file was lost. More information about backups and file restores.