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Central Filestore file recovery

Copies of files stored on the Central Filestore are made to backup overnight following the creation or modification of a file. This includes information stored on your:

  • N: drive
  • R: drive
  • Shared S: drive

Normally, backups are made every night of all files created or modified since the preceding night's backup.

ONLY files stored in your Information Systems account will be backed up. This does not include files stored onto floppy disk, the hard disks of machines (i.e. C: or D:) and any other storage medium connected to the Network.

Requests for files to be restored will not happen instantly, so don't ask for a file to be restored that you need in 10 minutes' time.

Information for ADS users

Requesting a File Restore

In order for us to process a file restore request, the following information will be required:

  • Your username e.g. ucaaxxx
  • Complete name of file and the directory where it was stored e.g. r:\dos\windows\winword\essay.doc

  • The date when the file or directory was lost e.g. 20th August 2010

  • The date the file or directory was last created or changed before it was lost e.g. 10th August 2010
  • Where to restore the files to (if not original location) 

NOTE that the date the file was created or changed MUST be a previous day and can not be the same date that the file was lost.

Failure to provide us with the required information may result in the request being rejected. IS will endeavour to restore all files requested, but, in some cases it may not be possible if information provided is incorrect or incomplete.

File restore requests should be submitted to the ISD Service Desk. Requests will be passed onto our Systems Group. If the request is successful, then you will be emailed when the file/s have been restored. If there is a problem with the restore, an ISD Service Desk staff member will email you giving details as to why the restore failed.

Users are reminded that systems provided by ISD are for academic purposes only, and therefore requests for restores of files of a non-academic nature may be turned down.