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O: Drive (Archive Drive)

What is it?

The O: drive provides extra capacity in addition to the N: drive and is primarily for static files that are used less frequently.

Please note: the O: drive is not a suitable location for files that change rapidly. We recommend that you continue to use the N: drive for such files.


Your personal allocated space is 40GB.
*Quota increases are currently not being given for this drive*


The O: drive will automatically appear for those using the Staff WTS or Desktop@UCL services.

Users of standalone/departmental machines will need to manually map their O: drives.

For detailed instructions, please submit your UCL userid via the online form.

Backups/file restores

Backups are made every night of all files created or modified since the preceding night's backup. 

If you delete a file that was created the same day, it will not be possible to recover it.  The date the file was created or changed must be a previous day, it cannot be the same date that the file was lost. More information about backups and file restores.


The information on this page supersedes any information distributed in the past.

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