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N: drive - Central Windows Filestore

What is it?

The N: drive is your personal storage space on the Central Windows Filestore. We recommend that you save your files on the N: drive.


You can log in to Staff WTS 2000 or 2010 to see your N: drive.

Staff WTS can be accessed at work or remotely, so can have access to all of your files and folders wherever you are.

Users of standalone/departmental machines will need to manually map their N: drives.

For detailed instructions, please submit your UCL userid via the online form.


All members of staff receive 1GB of space. You can self-increase up to 1.5 GB. After that authorisation is required, use the forms online.

Backups/file restores

Backups are made every night of all files created or modified since the preceding night's backup. 

If you delete a file that was created the same day, it will not be possible to recover it.  The date the file was created or changed must be a previous day, it cannot be the same date that the file was lost.

Read more about backups and file restores.