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What can I use the filestore for?

Primarily, you should save all your work-related documents and files on the N: drive (Windows filestore).

You can also use the O: drive as an archive drive for files that you do not access on a regular basis.

Departments can collaborate on files by using the S: drive.

Can I backup my laptop on the filestore?

Please ensure that only work-related data files are backed up.

We have experienced cases where users have inadvertently backed up their entire laptop, inclusive of the operating system, all system drivers and installed applications - all of which could be restored from original media. This would not be acceptable usage of the Central Filestore.

How much storage am I allowed to have?

  • N : drive: all members of staff receive 1GB of space.
  • O: drive: all members of staff have a 40GB limit.
  • S: drive: storage space for the S: drive is spread out across departments.

Can I request a quota increase?

The policies are as follows:

  • N: drive: You can self-increase up to 1.5 GB. After that authorisation is required, use the forms online.
  • S: drive: You do not need to request an increase. The S: drive has an overall capacity of over 7TB. This space is spread out across all departments that use the S: drive. Capacity is added/moved around as needed.
  • O: drive: It is not possible to request an increase for this drive.

How can I check my quota usage?

You can check your filestore usage in several different ways:

  • Windows quota usage utility on WTS - this gives usage figures for the N :& T: drives

You can view this utility by going to: Start > Programs > Software P-R > Quota Usage.

Can I access my files away from UCL?

Yes. All drives can be accessed via Staff WTS, which can be used remotely.

I've deleted a file, can I get it back?

It depends on when you saved and deleted the file, but file restores are possible.