Hot Potatoes

Technology: Computer Aided Assessment

Hot Potatoes provides a suite of tools that enable you to create interactive web-based activities for self-assessment purposes. It includes the following exercise formats:

  • JCloze - gap-fill.
  • JMatch - matching (DHTML) and ordering.
  • JQuiz - choose from either multiple-choice/response and short-answer questions.
  • JMix - jumbled sentences and words (DHTML).
  • JCross - crosswords.
Hot Potatoes at UCL: Some of the language departments (including Danish) are using Hot Potatoes for self-assessment exercises.
Hot Potatoes is free for use by state-funded educational institutions which are non-profit making, or individuals working for them, on the condition that the material you produce using the program is freely available to anyone via the WWW
Technical Requirements:

Hot Potatoes 6 is available on WTS.

For non-WTS users, Hot Potatoes is available in both Windows and Mac format.
Download Hot Potatoes


Examples created by ELE using Hot Potatoes 5.5:

Capitals of Europe (Drag & Drop Matching Exercise)
English Proverbs (Fill in the blanks Exercise)
Vive la France! (Multiple Choice Quiz Exercise)

Examples developed by Half-Baked Software using Hot Potatoes 6.0:

A Quiz made with JQuiz
A Gap-Fill Exercise made with JCloze
A Gap-Fill with Individual Questions
A Crossword made with JCross
A Jumbled-Sentence Exercise made with JMix
A Jumbled-Word Exercise made with JMix
An Ordering Exercise made with JMatch
A Matching Exercise made with JMatch

Training Materials:
Hot Potatoes tutorials and resources (Developed by Half-Baked Software)
Support Available:

Hot Potatoes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Check here to see the answers to common problems (Maintained by Half-Baked Software).

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Support is also available fromĀ E-Learning Environments.