Using Flip Video Cameras

What is a Flip video camera? 

Flip Video Front FlipUltraHD

The Flip video camera is much like a camcorder but it does not use tapes, it can record in high definition (which is good) and simplifies the process of getting a video from a device to a useful place where it can be watched / used.

The camera really is simple to use, there are two main buttons; Power and Record. Once you mastered turning it on you'll get recording in a matter of seconds.

After you're done recording, you can plug it into a computer or TV and start sharing your videos.

Getting one

The ELE have two to test out, be comfortable with and to see how they fit in with teaching and learning at UCL. If you're interested in using one, contact us ( and we'll go from there.

Using the Camera


There is one red button which starts and stops recording, you can ignore all other buttons for now. When you are recording, A red timer appears in the top left corner, it'll count in minutes and seconds how long you have been recording.

Recording tips:

  • Keep the camera still - don't try to move it around too much, unless you want to!
  • Point at the subject - obvious, but often overlooked
  • Use a tripod - it may make a big difference


The Flip camera has limitations, it will record a few hours of video before getting full. On the left side you can release a USB connector which will plug into a standard PC or Apple Mac. There is software on the Flip camera which will want to install automatically. If want to keep things simple for you, use the software to view, edit and publish your videos.

FlipShare can publish to YouTube with a few clicks, it can also save video to your computer and delete them from the camera. 

Think creatively and feel free to contact the ELE ( with your experiences.