Optical Mark Reading

Optical Mark Reading (OMR) is an electronic system for producing statistics and examination results from pre-printed forms which are completed as "multiple choice" questionnaires.

The system can be used to produce statistics for quality control and student responses which can then be produced for Quality Assurance Assessments and HEFCE. It can also be used to produce examination marks quickly and accurately.

The forms can be supplied in large or small quantities as necessary. Once completed the forms are then returned to the OMR team where they are processed and the results produced.

We require two weeks' notice and a completed Inter-Department Transfer form (IDT) before supplying OMR forms. The time taken to process the forms once they are completed will be at least one working week, and will be agreed at the time the forms are supplied.

Once you have completed the forms, you can return them to the ELE Core team for processing.  Please click here for the location of the ELE team.

Please note: As of the 1st December 2012, we will only be offering the OMR Service for examination-based orders.  If you have previously used the OMR service for course evaluation type questionnaires, please contact E-Learning Environments to explore alternatives to the paper based system.

Our charges are:

 Examination Receipt:
Type of Forms
Single cost
A - 60 Multiple True / False Form
B - 120 Single Correct Answer Form


If you have any queries, please contact omr (at) ucl.ac.uk or call 020 3549 5678 (Ext 65678).

The OMR team is located in the Podium Building (Euston station) on the first floor.