Data Protection and Moodle / WebCT

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, all UCL students sign an enrolment form that allows UCL to hold their personal information for the purpose of administering their "student life". In addition when students get their computer accounts they also sign a disclaimer agreeing that UCL may hold information about them for this purpose, and that UCL may monitor their use of IT equipment - which includes the use of Moodle and WebCT.

The following statement appears at the bottom of all UCL Moodle pages:

Data Protection Act 1998: Students are reminded that their use of the Moodle learning environment will be logged and that this information, with other personal data about them contained within the system, will be used by their tutors to monitor their academic progress.

You must also ensure that at the start of a new academic session any student data from the previous session is removed, unless you have express permission from the previous students to use their data. As every Moodle and WebCT course is archived at the end of the academic session you will be able to refer back to this data if required.

To remove student data from a Moodle course go to the Administration block and select Reset, then select which activities you would like to reset and click the 'Reset Course' button.