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Below, you will find a list of successful bids from 2007 to last year. More recent years include larger documents exploring the experiences of these grants, with 2010 being our first year for including a brief video presentation. Some of these may require UCL authentication.

We hope that these will serve as useful and inspirational references for future applicants and other staff, and would like to thank those from previous years for their work and collaboration.

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2012 Projects

Name: Dept: Title:
Dr K. Abel
Div. Psychology & Language Sciences
Unique Constitueny Learning Tool (UCL Tool)
Dr S. Bloch, Dr S. Beeke, Dr M. Clarke & Dr M. Mahon
Language & Communication, Developmental Science
Developing an online conversation analysis transcription tool for student learning in communication disabilities
Dr H. Borrion
Security & Crime Sciences
Unlocking the door to e-assessment
Dr E. Chan
Wolfson Institute of Biomedical Research
Enabling e-learning through online Topic cards- Online training and self-assessment for course module
Dr P. Chaudhury & Dr C. Spielmann
Economics Using wikis as an interactive tool to enhance the student learning experience
Dr A. Desjardins, Dr K. Shmueli & Prof A. Cottenden
Medical Physics & Bioengineering
Learning about learning: a student-led approach to e-learning  resource development
Prof I. Eames
Mechanical Engineering
Open source tutorial to complement open source teaching of fluid mechanics and CFD across UCL and beyond
Dr C. Gerry
A flexible friend.  MyPortfolio as facilitator and interpretor
Dr H. Haghparast-Bidgoli & Dr J. Skordis-Worrall
ICH: Centre for International Health Development
Developing an e-learning Module on the Economic Evaluation of Health Programs
Dr L. Marjanovic-Halburd
Bartlett School for Graduate Studies
Creating a platform for effective pastoral care in borderless teaching
Dr S. Marsh
Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology
The Fundamentals of Electrophysiology: A computer simulation practical     
Dr H. Meadows
Cancer Institute: CRUK & UCL Cancer Trials Centre
Training Need Analysis for Chief Investigators of Clinical Trials: A Stakeholder Survey in Moodle
Dr R. Morgan & Mr C. Moorhouse
Security & Crime Sciences
Sharing Innovations in Forensic Science through E-Learning
Ms E. Muk-Pavik
Mechanical Engineering
E-Lab: Virtual Fluid Laboratory Excercise
Dr J. Olsewski
Cancer Institute
Screening for Genetic Abnormalities in the human FLT3 gene 
Dr N. Ralph
Clinical Psychology
Using Storyline to Produce Clinical Psychology E-learning
Dr T. Robinson
Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering
Automatic the generation of mathematical quizzes
Dr S. Soo
Removable Partial Denture Design
Dr H. Van de Koot
Psychology & Language Sciences: Linguistics Research Department
PeerWise Extension Project
Dr B. Waugh
Physics & Astronomy
Evaluating the use of online tutorials in teaching computer programming
Dr S. Zochowski
Physics & Astronomy
Asynchronous Blended Learning: A Trial “Maths Bridging Course” for Incoming Physics & Astronomy Students

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2011 Projects

Name: Dept: Title:
Dr S. Alexander, Dr M. Oddy & Prof F. Haddad Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery Development of an on-line learning resource for undergraduate Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery.
 Dr J. Bunn
Information Studies
DiSARM: Digital Scenarios for Archives and Records Management
Dr S. Colledge
Inst. Of Archeology
Pollen Online: an interactive reference and teaching tool for the identification of British pollen
Dr L. DeNicola
The Challenges of Digital Video in Qualitative Research: A Training Case Study on a London Public Transport Station
Dr A. Desjardins
Medical Physic & Bioengineering
Learning Through Teaching
Dr J. Evans
Spanish & Latin American Studies
Forum for e-learning by introducing two new Moodle courses for first and second level Spanish language course units
Dr D. Gill
Div. of Medical Education
Exploring the role of an e-portfolio in preparing doctors in training for professional practice: introducing and embedding a professional e-portfolio in the undergraduate medicine course.
Dr C. Glen
UCL Genetics Institute
Establishing Moodle structured self-assessment exercises to compliment a web based lecture series and evaluating its success as a learning and teaching experience.
Prof I. Howarth
Physics & Astronomy
Internet Operation of Telescopes at UOL
Dr S. Karlsen
Epidemiology & Public Health
Developing a Short, Distance E-learning Course in Ethnicity, Migration and Health for the Continuing Professional Development of UK Health and Other Service Providers
Mr T. Loman
E-resources for SSEES history course "Eastern Europe since 1856"
Ms T. Nelson
Petrie Museum
Object-Based Learning in Cyberspace
Dr C. Newton
Dev. Science, Language & Communication
Moodle speech and language therapy: student self-directed development of intervention programmes for virtual patients
Mr P. Smithan
Enhanced Distance Learning Tools with integrated Podcasts of UCL and international experts
Dr G. Thomas
Cell & Developmental Biology
Talking the talk -  capturing student audio commentary for e-assessment of problem solving skills.
Dr A. Townsend-Nicholson
Pocket Podcasts to aid module selection

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2010 Projects

Name: Dept: Title:
Dr P. Bartlett
Physics & Astronomy
On-line electronic laboratory notebooks for local and remote practical skills training
Dr P. Berlingieri Medicine/Obstetrics & Gynaecology Establishing an academic collection of simulated surgical procedures videos: training the digital generation via self directed learning (click here for more)
Dr A. Cain Structural & Molecular Biology How well do current entrance qualifications prepare students for our first year courses? (click here for more)
M. Callanan & S.Pickering Slade School of Fine Art
Slade Knowledge Base (click here for more)
Dr G. Campbell
Division of Biosciences
Integration of histology and histopathology
Dr Alena Chong

Primary Care & Population Health

Use of Personal Response System technology to promote safe clinical decision making amongst UCL medical students. (click here for more)
Dr R. Day
Division of Medicine
VLE to Facilitate Interdisciplinary Learning
Ms A. Fatah & Mr S. Kueppers
Bartlett School of Graduate Studies
My digital Portfolio
Prof A. Fredericksen
College Collections
 'Anatomy & Life Drawing' Teaching Pack
Prof S. Lightman, Dr L. Joshi, Dr A-L. Shirodkar

Institute of Ophthalmology
Reusable Learning Objects- Virtual patients in Ophthalmology for UG medical students & PG MSc students (click here for more)
Dr J. Marie Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching (CALT) Resources for the Development of Key Skills at UCL (click here for more)
Dr S. Marshall Bartlett School of Planning Doctoral Grapevine - a Doctoral Network on MyPortfolio (click here for more)
Dr J. McEwan
Division of Medicine
Role reversal: Teaching the teachers about the potential of e-learning (click here for more)
Dr C. McKenna
Digital Writing: Online resources for academics to support student writing
P. Sammonds, A. Cartwright-Taylor, D. Kaminski Earth Sciences Creating a Moodle-structured online hazard exercise for Earthquake Seismology & Earthquake Hazards module (click here for more)
Dr A. Sella, Dr S. Banks & Prof J. Evans
Mathematical Practice Resources through Moodle (click here for more)
Dr E. Tillett & Mr P. Thawley Institute of Sports Medicine, Exercise & Health Development of a Fully Distance Learning MSc in Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health: Single Module Trial of Resource Development (click here for more)
Prof J. Wolff
Preparing existing MA module for distance learning.

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2009 Projects

Name Department Title of project Description of work
Andrea Townsend- Nicholson & Brian King
Structural & Molecular  Biology; Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology
Knowledge transfer of e-learning practice within UCL
Structural and Molecular Biology (SMB) has extensive experience with the use of e-learning and all courses in the department have a VLE presence with functionalities well beyond what is recommended as a minimum.

This project applied the SMB good practice in the use of Moodle to courses in NPP in a pilot involving a set of core Physiology courses.

Reecha Sofat
Medicine, Centre for Clinical Pharmacology
Practical prescribing for medical students
One of the first things that a junior doctor is asked to do in clinical practice is to write a prescription.  Although this may be a simple concept, prescription writing is a key skill as wrongly written prescriptions can result in drug errors adversely affecting patients health.

The project is to set up an interactive website for learning prescribing and therapeutics. The site will be task orientated and will guide students through from the principles of writing a basic prescription, to more complex therapeutic scenarios.
Andrew Fisher
Digital demonstrations database for classical mechanics
Students frequently find difficulties with this Classical Mechanics because of the demands it places on their mathematics. Many of the main points could be illustrated by examples where the equations of
motion are solved numerically on the computer, rather than analytically. As well as helping to give the students an overview of different types of mechanical behaviour, this will also give them some experience of systems which are not tractable by analytical mathematics.

The project will develop a library of digital demonstrations, illustrating key concepts of the course
David Hudson & Alex Braithwaite
Political Science
Synthesising virtual and physical learning environments: a UN Security Council Policy simulation
The “International Organisation” module includes an opportunity for hands-on policy negotiation and experiential learning via a simulation activity.  The policy simulation is composed (1) the policy simulation itself and (2) the preparation in advance of this meeting.  The VLE is central to maximising effectiveness of the preparation period and the project will update and convert existing course materials for online delivery; develop new e-learning materials and activities; and source appropriate content from UN repositories as well as enabling and supporting some podcasting activities.
Mario Campanelli
Active learning: visualising Physics from the lecture hall to the lab Classroom lectures are complemented by interactive sessions where students follow the course and solve exercises in small groups of 3-4 in front of a computer. One interactive session will be held for every two or three normal classroom lectures, to complement them with visual examples, and small problems to be solved in groups. This approach has shown to improve understanding of abstract physics concepts like forces and fields, help maintain the students' attention and develop a collaborative spirit.
Kearsy Cormier & Adam Schembri
Psychology & Language Sciences
Development of video resources for sign language linguistics teaching
One of the challenges of delivering the Linguistics of Sign Languages module has been the lack of sign language materials available, particularly materials suitable for students who do not know a signed language.   For practical sessions and tutorials, we rely largely on examples shown face-to-face, or still photos and examples translated into English. This project aims to assemble a collection of sign language material on video (specifically, British Sign Language) for practical exercises and assignments for sign linguistics students at UCL. 
Halima Moncrieff
Rheumatology Unit
A virtual learning portfolio of core research techniques for MRes students
A portfolio of ten animated tutorials and 3-minute movies on principles of key research techniques for use in lectures and self-directed learning.  This is to be supplemented by creation of an online quiz for MSc students on core research methods from course notes and existing tutorial for use at the end of the first term. By using a coherent template and format through Moodle, an integrated set of tools can be used for the first time to teach principles of research methods with specific references to the facilities (equipment and training support) available.

Joanna Przedlacka & Michael Ashby
Psychology & Language Sciences
Theory and practice in English pronunciation: bridging the gap
A Moodle course will support several existing modules. Existing textbook descriptions are somewhat out of date. Students have different perceptions of the native model and gaps in their knowledge which could be more effectively dealt with by providing cross-language comparisons and examples, interactively adapted to student needs. The online support will provide resources in the form of lectures, revision and comprehension tasks, and illustrations of the issues covered with multimedia materials.
Allan Maclean
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Clinical scenarios in gynaecology
Moodle lessons have been used to develop a series of interactive cases for a number of medical conditions.
Rodney Halburd
Creation of graphics for use in proof visualisation
The understanding of maths is often aided by appropriate diagrams. The project will produce high quality video lectures. Summarised versions of some courses will be produced to help students with revision. Other videos will cover remedial or extra material not included in a particular course. The project will lead to improved lecture material, online summaries for revision and specialised additional resources to help both struggling students who need more background, as well as those students who want to go beyond a course.
Douglas Guilfoyle
Better legal writing and advanced study skills
An emerging issue for Law is integrating writing skills into the core curriculum.
The project will research and convert existing off-the-shelf course materials in writing skills for online delivery. Exercises will involve the use of Moodle quizzes and wikis and will provide students with more opportunity for formative assessment without significantly increasing the marking load for teaching staff.
Caroline Bressey & James Neale
Geography  Creating an online archive: an exhibition space for object-based learning in Geography
The Cultural and Historical Geography course enables second year students to  put research into practice using special collections.  Students will create an ‘exhibition output’ from their research and might also produce audioslide shows, short films or interview/timeline mash-ups.    The project will to create an archive for students to build upon each others’ work year upon year - each year students will be creating digital learning objects for the year below them. 
Peter Sammonds
Earth Sciences
E-learning exercises in geophysics and earthquake hazard
To develop self-guided and self-assessed exercises to enable students to understand data analysis and interpretation of geophysical surveys . Once students have worked through these exercises and compared their own interpretation with model answers, they will be in a position to analyse and interpret their own geophysical data.   Students will be guided in self-assessing their interpretations against model answers. The exercises would employ geophysical software.
Holly Smith
Centre for Advancement of Learning and Teaching
Flexible learning for lecturers This project supports the UCL Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education which is taken by all new lecturers.  It will create two possible pathways through the ‘workshop’ element of the course, one face-to-face and one online/virtual. Participants will be able to choose the face-to-face or virtual option for at least half of the sessions. More.....
David McGregor
Telesurgery - a pilot study to modernise medical education
Teleconferencing sessions will be established between an operating theatre at UCH and the UCL medical school. UCH equipment will be used to broadcast live images and sound to a lecture theatre. Two-way audio communication will allow questions and answers to be put from both sites. Each session will last for no more than one hour, and student groups of roughly eighteen individuals (three surgical firms). A surgeon facilitator will be present with the students to direct questions and teaching if needed.
Kevin Mansfield
Bartlett Graduate Studies
A learning path for digital lighting visualisation and prediction
Lighting design requires the ready use of digital technologies to both visualise and predict performance of a proposal. Students face a bewildering array of tools and technologies. This project will provide a series of learning
paths in Moodle to allow students to navigate the pipeline from 3D model generation to import into the lighting visualisation
and calculation software to final rendering and results output . Each learning path will combine explanatory text with links to tutorial materials to demonstrate particular techniques.
Simon Hillson
Teaching identification of human teeth to anthropology students  With a large class it is difficult to find collections with enough unworn or unbroken teeth on which all students can learn normal tooth anatomy in a consistent way.  Teeth are also small and difficult to examine, so that the details required for identification are difficult for a novice to see clearly. The solution is a web-based resource of finely detailed images, showing good examples of all 32 permanent and 20 deciduous human teeth in a wide variety of orientations, with attached teaching notes and commentary.   
 Chris Louca
Eastman Dental Institute  Investigation jn to the availability and use of 3D models in dental education  Dentistry is a practical subject that requires an understanding of concepts that can often only truly be represented in 3D.  Several topics in dentistry lend themselves very well to the use of 3D models which can enhance the learning experience and allow graduates to see and interact with dynamic reproductions of teeth. The project will identify what 3D models are currently available in dentistry and identify any work that is currently in progress and to look at the nature of this work.  It will also investigate the potential development of a library of 3D models.
 Joe Flatman
 Archaeology Voices of the oceans: interactive case studies in marine archaeology  Existing PowerPoint case studies of marine archaeological sites presented in the teaching will be developed into a new web-based resource to be linked to Google Earth and Google Ocean. Clicking on a case study by geographic location will open windows providing the PowerPoint presentation and an accompanying audio commentary recorded and edited by the students. Links to associated readings and additional web resources will also be provided on the webpage.
 Andrea Sella
 Chemistry A new CHEM160X e-learning website  This project takes an existing resource originally in WebCT and updates and revamps it for use within Moodle. The core aim is to build a new question bank. It will involve drawing chemical diagrams using Chemdraw, and testing out and embedding  applets like Marvin and JMol into the Moodle quiz structure.
Dorian Fuller
Archaeology  E-wheat: an interactive tool for mastering glume wheats  This project will develop a web-based resource to help students study wheat species and varieties. Wheat identification is challenging for those new to the discipline and is conventionally learned by comparing reference specimens and/or by working alongside an expert, both of which can be extremely protracted procedures. Creating an online resource to facilitate this will allow students to prepare for, and revise, after lab-based practical sessions and lectures. It will also serve as an index to the extensive and unique collection of botanical reference material that is housed at the UCL.
 Claire Ellul
Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering  Maps and databases - putting the two together
 Spatial data is used by a wide range of UCL departments and in a wide variety of applications.  Storing spatial data in a database management system allows direct linking of map data with other non-spatial datasets.    The project will develop a self-contained tutorial providing step-by-step mix of theory, paper-based and computer-based exercises to introduce students to concepts and practice relating to storing and managing map data in a database.     The material will be suitable for both in-class and independent learning.

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2008 Projects

Name Department Title of project Amount awarded Description of work
Helene Burningham & Jon French Geography Historical marine geomorphology: change analysis, precision and accuracy £916 To develop an online (Moodle) practical based on the analysis of historical changes in sea-bed morphology derived from 200 years of bathymetry data.
Narciss Okhravi Institute of Ophthalmology Developing a virtual learning environment for students of opthalmology £1000 To develop a Moodle resource including a large collection of video footage, animation, digital photographs and lectures, for teaching Ophthalmology to year 3, 4 and 5 medical students.
Bob Klaber & Carol Parker Academic Centre for Medical Education 'Moodle Medicine' - developing Moodle-based resources for final year medical students £1000 To build on existing Peer Assisted Learning & Final Year Revision Resources. Both have been developed and improved, and an additional course on safeguarding children has been developed.
Mike Porter, Dewi Lewis & David Rowley Chemistry Development of 10 minute online Chemistry tutorials using LectureScribe £1000 Eight short audio-visual tutorials, as Shockwave files, have been prepared for the use of Chemistry undergraduates. These are currently accessible through both Moodle and the department's own teach.chem site.
Suzanne Beeke & Merle Mahon Human Communication Science Virtual patients : creating an e-learning resource using video data for speech and language therapy students £970 To pilot the use of Moodle and DigiTool to make video data available to speech and language therapy students. To link up with work currently under way in the Centre for Applied Interaction Research and the UCL Library, to set up the UCL Video Data Archive for Human Communication to develop a digital archive where audio-visual data on real life human communication for spoken and signed languages can be searched, accessed and analysed for research and learning purposes.
Awaiting report...
Chris Blackman Chemistry Developing a ‘prelab’ tutorial to enhance learning for an inorganic chemistry course £960 To rewrite the current lab manual to align the Moodle tutorial with practical work, and to carry out the experiment and photograph/video key observations to generate crucial content.
Awaiting report...
Marjan Colletti and Stephan Kuepers Bartlett School of Architecture Moodle 3D digital Moodle toolkit: Browser tools and 3D model archive £1000 To develop a 3D enriched VLE integrated with an archive of 2D and 3D digital models and images of student work. This will be comprised of a 3D digital Model Archive Database with a Moodle VLE front end
using an embedded and standalone 3D Viewer/Browser. It is expected to link to back end tools for integration with the faculty CAD/CAM facility and digital rendering access for students (from their own machines or a render farm).
Awaiting report...
Stephen Hart Spanish and Latin American Studies   £960 To bring some of the innovative technologies which currently exist in networks such as Youtube and Facebook into UCL's teaching and learning environment. Development of a new interface with the student population which includes podcasts, video-clip uploads, group discussion networks, as well as the creation of memory banks of sample pieces of work which can be downloaded for student revision.
Awaiting report...
Alan Ingram Geography Using a student focus group to develop the learning blog for GEOG3049: Geographies of Security £415 Experience of using the blog facility on Moodle suggests that this could be useful way to feed back on the course in near-real time. The project has run a focus group in parallel with the course to evaluate and improve the contribution of the blog to student learning and inform future teaching of the course.
Awaiting report...
James Moon Medicine The development of a virtual learning environment for medical imaging with cardiac MRI £1000 To set up an online Cardiac MRI academy within the Moodle to include a core online training library of 50 cases with full image datasets and a 20 hour core online lecture programme. Additionally to obtain international training accreditation for the above and to open the resources on a fee basis to the global CMR community.
Awaiting report...
Michael Stewart Anthropology A digital annotated and hyperlinked catalogue of documentary film resources £1000 The department has been centralising, and digitising its collection of documentary and ethnographic film. In order for students and staff to be able to identify films of teaching or research interest, place those films in an intellectual and academic context and easily access materials that enrich the context in which the film is viewed, the project will construct an electronic database of all the accessible material.
Awaiting report...

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2007 projects

Name Department Title of project Amount awarded Description of work
Steven Bloch Human Communications Science Professional and Clinical Skills Development for Speech and Language Therapy Students via a VLE. £820 To develop a student-led facility for cross year-group discussion, sharing of clinical resources, etc.
Paul Bates Histopathology

Pathology Collections e-learning Resource

£1000 Collate existing Word document files and jpeg images and convert into format ready for VLE.
Prepare VLE specifically designed round medical teaching.
Wendy Kirk Earth Sciences Developing a Geology Digital Image Source £945 Selection, manipulation and uploading of approx 100 geological images into a VLE.
Julian Thompson Geography

e-learning tools and database for physical geography fieldwork


Review and organise past student data. Develop ‘readme files’ for student data files. Install database in Geog Open Learning facility. Migrate existing content to WebCT. Participate in field class and data collection. Develop new WebCT content (image and video database, online quizzes).
Ben Hanson Mechanical Engineering Visualisation of Frequency Response of Dynamic Systems £1012.50 Develop LABVIEW (existing software developed with Leeds) to provide a user-input panel for web-operation. Reformat existing teaching material. Produce web pages.

Susan Evans

Anatomy & Developmental Biology

Quizzes and MCQs for ‘Human Anatomy and Embryology’ and ‘The Biology of the Skeleton’. £1000 Develop a series of existing quiz questions (currently in PowerPoint) for delivery in a VLE.
Ian Brown Computer Science and SLAIS Adapting Open Source content for an Information Systems VLE module £937.50 Research and convert existing course materials for online delivery. Prepare supplementary materials. Write questions for VLE quiz delivery. Providing help and guidance to users.
Roger Matthews Institute of Archaeology e-learning and the Archaeology of Early Anatolia £1000 Student will collect content for the course and convert them if necessary to digital formats, and load into 'e-folders'

Julia Stegemann

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Development of a Virtual learning Environment for Integrated Learning

in Civil and Environmental Engineering

£1021 Consult academic staff and collect materials and convert them for delivery via a VLE. Investigate higher level aspects of the VLE (online tutorials, assessments).
Jyrki Tuomainen Human Communications Science

eLearning Resources for Teaching Undergraduate Statistics

£690 Help with webcasting two lectures. Produce animated demonstrations (using Wink).

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