ELE Services

The E-Learning Services team is led by Jason Norton. They are responsible for managing UCL Learning Technology core services, end-user support and the central training programme. 

  Jason Norton
E-Learning Services Manager

Jason is the core services team leader and service owner for all of our core e-learning services. His interests lie in Digital Anthropology, the use of online virtual worlds and the gamification of learning.
  Martin Burrow
Learning Technologist
 Martin joined the ELE core services team as a Learning Technologist in early 2013.
His focus is on Electronic Voting, E-assessment (including Turnitin) and Lecturecast.
rod_digges.jpg Rod Digges 
Learning Technologist
Rod works with the ELE core services team supporting and advising on the use of Lecturecast, Moodle, Electronic Voting, Opinio and a range of other technologies employed in teaching and learning.
domi_sinclair Domi Sinclair
Learning Technologist

Domi joined UCL in 2012, and has been working in the ELE team supporting and advising on the use of learning technologies. Her main areas of interest are e-assessment, e-portfolios and social media. 
stefan Stefan Angelov
Learning Technology Officer

Stefan joined the team in March 2014 and works alongside Fiona Harkin to support e-learning support administration.”

Fiona Harkin
Learning Technology Officer

Fiona joined ELE in December 2011, and works with Zaman in acting as the first point of contact for all e-learning enquiries.

Zaman Wong

Learning Technology Officer

Zaman has been working in various departments of ISD since 2008, joining ELE in 2012 to provide E-Learning training and support. He is currently supporting the public e-learning platform, UCL Extend.