Distance Learning

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UCL's E-Learning Environments provide distance learning course teams and individuals with support and advice to plan, develop or review your distance learning courses. While this may feel like a whole new area to many there are many reasons to think beyond the traditional boundaries for a course to go 'distance'. There are many parallels between traditional face to face education, moving online with e- and blended learning and being fully-online with a distance course. 

If you're interested in developing a distance learning course, want to know more or become a part of the UCL community with others in this area, then this space will help you get started. 

Benefits of a distance education

  • Flexible
  • Based on your location
  • Fits in with your life
  • Bring industry experience directly into daily learning
  • Career or life-changing experience

But the concept of learners studying a course via 'distance learning' can conjure thoughts of remote people disconnected from the university's campus life. But it shouldn't be this way. 

Distance learning guidance

To get you started we have developed a space within the wiki which covers four primary areas for distance learning: 

  • Introduction to distance learning at UCL
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Review

As it's a wiki, it will evolve over time. Instead of holding back to 'publish' in the traditional sense, we made it available so you can get started already: 

Read more on the distance learning wiki space

Community and the Distance Learning Forum

Currently meeting three times a year is the Distance Learning Forum - a chance to hear about developments within the e-learning and academic centres across UCL. within these events you'll have the chance to

  • Hear from colleagues' developments
  • Participate in workshops
  • Generate and share ideas 
  • Follow best practice and general advice 
  • Build into a network of practitioners within the community. 

Sign up to the Distance Learning mailing list

(you'll be notified of the next Forum event via this list).

Support and advice

If you're planning on developing a course, want to learn more or have been running a distance learning course for years then E-Learning Environments would welcome the chance to talk with you. A post in the E-Learning Advisory sub-team entitled Distance Learning Facilitator is here to support your courses in all aspects of planning, development and review. 

For more information refer to our contact us page