Service Level Agreement

Section 1 - Document Control

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Section 2 - Introduction

This document describes the service that users can expect when using the Opinio service supported by Information Systems at UCL. The document is a written aid to support a clear outline of the service described.

Section 3 - Purpose of Service

This service provides users with a web-based tool which can be used to design and deliver online surveys.

Section 4 - Eligibility for Service

The service is available to all UCL staff who wish to deliver online surveys to support teaching and learning or for research purposes.

To apply for an Opinio account, users must complete the online application form at:

Access to postgraduate students is granted at the discretion of Information Systems. For postgraduates, a formal request for access should be made by the Departmental Computing Rep. or Project supervisor to contact E-Learning Environments stating the reason for the request.

All surveys that will collect personal data that can identify individuals should use the following data protection disclaimer:

Data Protection Act 1998: The personal information that you give for this survey will only be used for the purposes of the survey and will not be transferred to an organisation outside of UCL.

The data will be transferred to the Department conducting the survey who will retain it in compliance with the UCL Records Retention Schedule. The data will also be stored by UCL Information Services for six months and will then be removed from the Opinio system.

Section 5 - Detailed Service Description

The service comprises the Opinio software available at, running on a server maintained and supported by Information Systems. Opinio is a survey tool which runs through a web browser. It provides a framework for authoring and distributing surveys as well as a range of reporting facilities. For authoring, Opinio provides a number of question types including multiple choice, rating, drop-down lists, numeric, matrix, essay and open-ended. Surveys can be delivered either by open-access or by invitation to a specified list. Polls can be used to embed single question surveys into a webpage.

Users will be allocated an account upon receipt of the online application form at:

Section 6 - Service Availability and Quality Expectations

The service is generally available for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. ‘At Risk’ periods are announced in advance in order to enable IS systems and network upgrades, and may limit service provision on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, between 08.00 and 09.00. Occasionally weekend service shutdowns are arranged which affect all UCL services; these weekend shutdowns are agreed with senior College management and advance notice is given. Every effort is made to minimise the number of weekend shutdowns. Operator cover is from 8am to 7pm - Monday to Friday. All IS systems, including equipment enabling network access for student owned systems in HoR, run unattended overnight and at weekends. If they fail, service may not be restored until the next working day.

Section 7 - Technical Support

The Opinio service is supported by Information Systems. The Opinio server is backed up to tape every evening for disaster recovery purposes.

In accordance with Data Protection guidelines, all responses will be removed from the system six months after the start of the survey, unless the survey author has specifically requested that the data is kept for longer. Before removal from the system, a copy of the data will be exported in .csv format and emailed to the survey author.

Section 8 - User Support

New Accounts: Requests for new accounts should be submitted using the online form at:

We aim to reply to and/or refer requests within 2 working days of their arrival. Any messages received overnight, at weekends, during training sessions, public holidays and College closures will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Training : Currently there are no formal training courses offered, comprehensive help documentation is available from within the application itself. The LTSS offer telephone support and advice on the technical aspects of using Opinio.

Announcements: Whenever significant system bugs which may affect the service to users are identified or an upgrade to the service is being made an announcement will be made to:

Section 9 - Exclusions, Exceptions and Limitations

ELE cannot design or create surveys for individuals, nor can they provide specialist advice on survey design and analysis. Support is limited to technical support with the Opinio interface.

Section 10 - Service Change Requests

Information Systems are always improving services and all our services undergo constant development. Users are invited to send comments and requests to the ISD Service Desk. These communications will be brought to the attention of IS Group Managers to consider changes and implement where appropriate, subject to priority and available resource.

Section 11 - Related Service Elements

Related services that support this service, are supported by it or are complementary to it include IS Network Connectivity Services, IS Infrastructure Services, IS Filestore, IS Managed PC Service, IS Information and Support Services.

All central communications and computing systems are normally left running but unattended overnight, at weekends, during Public Holidays and College closures. IS support services, including ELE, are closed during these periods.

Section 12 - Charging

There are no charges to for the use of Opinio. Support and training provided by ELE is also provided free of charge.

Section 13 - Service Conditions

All use of Communications and Information Technology (C&IT) is governed by the UCL Computing Regulations which is available on the www at:

Section 14 - Contact Details

The first point of contact for all queries relating to this service is the E-Learning Environments. See section 8 User Support