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What is Lecturecast?

Lecturecast is an automated system for recording lectures and subsequently making them available via the web. Lecturecast is the chosen service name for the UCL installation of  Echo360 which is being installed in 50 of UCL's  centrally bookable teaching spaces as part of a 2 year project.

How to decide if Lecturecast is suitable for your needs

The Lecturecast system is designed primarily for the automated recording of the lectures - it does this well.  Activities other than lectures, e.g. Panel Discussions, Conference proceedings etc., may or may not record well using the system - we do not recommend its use for events where production values need to be high; it's very important if you are considering a recording of this type that you review the detailed FAQ and fully understand the limitations of the system in this context: Detailed FAQ

NB: During the  2011-12 academic year the Lecturecast system is being installed into a number of new spaces, during this period the booking of special captures - e.g out of hours events, conference proceedings etc will not be supported.

What does the system capture?

The system captures all material that is sent to the room's projector from any connected device (e.g PowerPoint slides from an attached laptop, hand written notes or objects held under a  visualiser); audio is captured from the room's microphone system via a lapel microphone and video of the presentation area (i.e the lecturer or presenter)  is captured via a small fixed position camera.

How do I book the recordings?

UCL staff can request a single or series of recordings using the:

Lecturecast booking request form

Please note that for normal lectures the LTSS require a minimum of 3 days' notice, bookings for special events are currently suspended.

(With kind permission of Dr Andrea Townsend-Nicholson)

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What do students think?

"Because I am an international student and sometimes I could not hear and understand clearly. Also since the lectures given by my lecturer are fantastic! It will be great if we can listen to the lectures again for better understanding of the topics!"

"I think it relates well to different styles of learning- a great many people find they retain information better if they are able to visualise a lecturer saying it, for example. If more material was available, there would be a more diverse range of revision options other than just textbooks and hastily written lecture notes".

UCL Student Podcast Survey 2009.

Current state of the project

Recording systems are currently installed in the 37 theatres listed below. With planned works at the beginning of the 2011/12 academic year we hope to have the majority of these spaces equipped by the end of 2011 - newly equipped rooms will be listed below as facilities are updated.

Currently there are systems installed in:

  • Christopher Ingold Auditorium
  • Christopher Ingold Chemistry LT
  • Christopher Ingold Ramsey LT
  • Cruciform Lecture Theatre 1
  • Cruciform Lecture Theatre 2
  • Gustave Tuck *
  • Harrie Massey LT Lecture Theatre
  • Archaeology Lecture Theatre
  • AV Hill Lecture Theatre
  • Anatomy JZ Young Lecture Theatre
  • Anatomy Gavin de Beer*
  • Engineering 1.02 
  • Engineering 1.03 
  • Roberts 106 
  • Roberts G06 
  • Roberts G08 
  • Bentham House Main Lecture Theatre
  • Bentham Denys Holland Lecture Theatre
  • Taviton Street 14-16 Room (347)
  • Medawar Lancaster Lecture Theatre
  • Medawar Watson Lecture Theatre
  • Bedford Way 26, G03
  • Bedford Way 26, LG04
  • Torrington (1-19) Galton LT
  • Chadwick Building, Chadwick G07
  • Chadwick Building, Chadwick G08
  • Chadwick Building, Chadwick LT
  • Pearson Building, Pearson (North East Entrance) LT
  • Darwin Building, Darwin LT
  • Drayton House, Drayton Jevons LT
  • Drayton House, Drayton B03 Ricardo LT
  • Torrington (1-19) B17 Basement LT*
  • Bentham House, Seminar room 1
  • Bentham House, Seminar room 3
  • Bentham House, Seminar room 4
  • Roberts Building, Room 508
  • Medical Science building,  H.O.Schild Lecture Theatre

* Rooms marked with a '*' do not currently contain a video camera but can  record audio and presentation/projector content. Video cameras for these rooms will be installed as soon as possible

These systems are available for use now. If you are due to deliver lectures in any of the spaces above and would like your lecture(s) recorded, please contact the Learning Technology Support Service.

Desktop recording (EchoCapture Personal)

EchoCapture Personal software is already available to any UCL academic staff  with an existing account on the Lecturecast service at UCL. The software allows a personal computer/laptop to be used as a recording device to capture anything that is happening on the computer screen along with an audio commentary and optionally a 'talking head' recorded via a webcam. Once recordings have been uploaded to the Echo System Server (ESS) they can, like recordings made in LC equipped theatre spaces, be made available as streamed and downloadable versions.

If you don't already have an account on the Lecturecast system but would like to try out desktop recording using EchoCapture Personal software you can apply for a test account to be set up by following the link to this form

Expansion into other teaching spaces

At the current time deployment is restricted a number of  centrally bookable lecture theatres. However if your department or faculty has a teaching space in which you would like to have a capture system installed please contact the project management team, as devices purchased by faculties/departments will be supported centrally. For example, Electrical Engineering have installed into one of their teaching spaces in 66-72 Gower Street; this device will use the centralised architecture to host and deliver content and user support through the LTSS; the faculty is responsible for the hardware costs and for ongoing license and maintenance charges.