Computer Based Training for Administrative Systems

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Using CBT

ISD provides a number of Computer Based Training (CBT) courses for Administrative Systems. Most of these are accessed through the UCL Moodle Service. The courses should work in most of the current browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and do not require any specific plugins to be installed.

Moodle Courses:

Accessing Courses on Moodle

1. Log into UCL Moodle at:
2. If you have already accessed a particular course, it will be listed on your main Moodle page under My Courses
3. You can access new courses in one of three ways:

Moodle Course List
Moodle course search
Moodle Course List
Click 'All courses...' in the My courses panel on the right-hand side or the button in the main section of the page.
Use the 'Search courses' option and enter the name of the course.

4. All Administrative Systems courses are listed under Staff and Student Resources.

Moodle Course Category

5. To access a course, click on its name. A Key symbol indicates that an enrolment key is required. Click the blue i button for more information about a course.

moodle courses

Connect to Moodle

Using the CBT courses:

There are currently two types of CBT - each look and act slightly differently. You will find instructions with the course details in Moodle:

Tutor Library (Courses except FIS)
Oracle UPK (FIS courses)

The Data Protection Course:

Please read the following notes before attempting the courses: You have to use Internet Explorer to access the course.

  • You must have popups enabled. If you have the Google toolbar stop the popup blocker.
  • You will need to enter your name and email address just before the questions but you will not be emailed.
  • If you wish to print out the certificate please choose landscape orientation.
  • When you have reached the end of the skill do not exit but click on the X in the top right hand corner then click on 'Exit activity' to return to the Moodle menu. You can then logout of Moodle.

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