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Facility CMIS is an off-the-peg timetabling and room booking system which imports its basic data from other UCL databases, thus eliminating the necessity for duplicate data entry. CMIS provides the following functionality:

  • Room booking for centrally managed rooms
  • Viewing timetables and bookings in centrally managed rooms
  • Creation and printing of academic timetables
  • Printing of personalised student timetables
  • Automatic scheduling


CMIS user guides are available from the Administrative Systems Documentation page.

CMIS Query Generator

A simple web-based tool has been created to create CMIS queries for use in Query Filters.

An overview of how to use Query filters can be found in the CMIS Advanced Techniques guide.

Click here to open the Timetable Query Generator.

The Common Timetable Project

More information on the Common Timetable Project - including tools for departmental timetablers - is available to UCL staff on the CTT website.

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