Service details

The following Services are available to visitors and are either provided automatically when a visit record is created or can be requested using the Services System.

ID Cards:

ID cards are provided automatically for staff, students and visitors - there is no need to request them separately. 

For visitors, ID cards are available for collection within 15 minutes of the Visit record being created. The card will be printed with the visit end date - if you extend the length of the visitor's stay, they will need to collect an updated card.

Revocation: ID cards are linked directly to the length of a person's stay at UCL - there is no need to revoke them. For staff and students, cards will cease to be valid when the person leaves; for Visitors, when the visit end date is reached. If a visitor leaves early and you want to cancel their ID card simply change the visit end date.

Central Computing Services:

Computer accounts are provided automatically for students and established staff (once they are enrolled on the UCL HR system or in Portico respectively). For honorary staff, computer accounts should be created via the Services System.

Different categories of visitor may be entitled to different types of computer account and these should be requested through the Services System:

  • Computer Account: a standard UCL account that can be used to access e-mail and central services such as Moodle, restricted web pages, etc.
  • Computer Account with WTS access: as above but with access to the WTS Service.
  • WTS Account: if a user only has a standard computer account but subsequently requires access to the WTS service, this can be requested separately.
  • E-mail forwarding: this service allows you to establish e-mail forwarding for computer accounts in your department.

Charges: Computer accounts are available without charge.

Library Access:

As with ID cards, library access is provided automatically for staff and students.  For most visitor types, reference access to the library is automatic but borrowing access needs to be requested on an individual basis.

Charges: In some cases, departments may be charged for borrowing access to the library for visitors (if the service is marked "Chargeable").  We recommend that you contact Member Services if you think the department should not be charged for a visitor's library access.

Telephone Services:

The Services System can be used to request and maintain phone details for your department. Requests are sent directly to the Telecoms team in Estates and Facilities who use the information to update the Switchboard - this data is then fed back into the online directory and other central systems that use phone information.
Using the Services System, you can:

  • Request a new telephone extension - i.e. make a telephone point active
  • Assign a telephone extension to a person
  • Re-assign a telephone number - i.e. remove a person from and add another to a phone extension.