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What types of Visitors can I record in the Services System?

The Services System allows you to record details of visitors to your department. There are different types of status that you can select for your visitor depending on what their association with UCL will be during their visit.

See the list of different Visitor Types here.

What services can I request?

As well as recording details of visitors to your department, the Services System can be used to request access to UCL services for them. This is in addition to the services that may be provided automatically depending on a visitor's status. You can also make or revoke service requests for Staff and Students in your department. 

See the list of different available Services here.

Which visitors are entitled to which services?

Different types of visitor are entitled to different types of service. Additionally, some services may need to be paid for by the department.

See a table of entitlements for different services for each status a person may have at UCL.

Who are the Service Providers?

The Services System is used to make requests for services but it doesn't actually provide them itself. If you have any queries about the specific services - such as whether or not you will be charged for them; if a particular person is entitled to have them; how long they will take to provide; or if they're not working properly, contact the relevant Service Provider.

See the list of Service Providers and their contact details.

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