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About the Services System:

Q: What is the Services System?
A: The Services System has been created to allow departments formally to record their visitors and to request access to UCL services for them, and for other categories of person who do not receive them automatically (for example honorary staff).

Q: Why have I been told I have to use the Services System to request a computer account or ID card?
A: Using the Services System simplifies the process of requesting services - both for the department and the service providers. As such, Service Providers may begin to require the use of the Services System for all new requests.

Q: How do I register?
A: The registration form is available on the website.  Click here.
Registration requires the authorisation of your Head of Department. Return the form to Database Registrations, Management Systems, Room 112, 1-19 Torrington Place.

Q: Is training available for the Services System?
A: Yes Computer Based Training is available. The system has been designed to be easy to use and require minimal training however a user guide is available to down load and staff are available to answer your queries.

Requesting Services:

ID Cards and Building Access:

Q: Why can’t I request an ID and Library card for people in my department?
A: ID cards are automatically requested when a staff, student or visitor record is created. To obtain an ID card the individual will need to go to Security Systems with a second form of ID. The Security Systems website has the details

Q: How long does it take to get an ID and Library card?
A: Usually the personal information is transferred to the Access Management system within 5 minutes of the record being saved. So you are able to collect the card almost immediately by going to Security Systems

Q: Can I request out of hours access to buildings using the Services System?
A: Not at the moment, although it is planned to introduce this in 2008.

Computer Accounts:

Q: How long does it take to get a Computer Account when I request one from the Services System?
A: Computer Accounts are generated overnight and are usually available for collection from ISD Service Desk on production of an ID card the day after request. Otherwise the computer account slip will be sent in the internal post to the department which can take between 1-3 days to arrive. Computer accounts are a chargeable service for some categories of visitor.

Library Access:

Q: What Library access does a Visitor get?
A: All visitor roles that are eligible for Library Access will get free reference only access. You are able to request borrowing access, using the Services System, and the department may have to pay a fee.

Telephone Requests:

Q: I have a batch of Telephone Numbers allocated to the department, why do I need to ‘request’ these using the Services System.
A: The telephone Switchboard information is used to create the online directory. This can become out of date when Telecoms are not aware of changes within the department. You are able to use the Services System to re-assign existing telephone numbers to people in the department as and when they change. This will keep the switchboard notified of changes and ensure accurate information in the directory.

Q: My telephone numbers are allocated by the NHS, why do I need to use the Services System?
A: The UCL directory publishes your NHS telephone numbers, if they are available. By notifying telecoms of changes to your external numbers you are able to keep your directory entry up to date.

Charges for Services:

Q: What are the charges for Services?
A: Details of charges for services, where appropriate, are available here.

Q: How is payment collected for services?
A: This is usually done via an IDT generated by the Service Provider. The Services System is not linked with any financial systems.

Creating and Revoking Services:

Q: I need a lot of new computer accounts. Can I undertake a bulk import of records into the Services System?
A: Not at this stage but it is something that may be available in the future.

Q: Are Services automatically revoked when a visitor end date is reached?
A: Not all services are revoked. Often an entitlement or permission to access a service such as Staff WTS is revoked but the underlying computer account will remain active. You will need to use the Services System to revoke services when anyone (with the exception of students) leaves the department. For more information on automatic revocation, see: UPI and Access to UCL Resources.

Q: Help, I’ve inadvertently revoked a service. What can I do?
A: You are able to request another service for the visitor but please call the service provider to explain what you’ve done as it may be possible to stop the revocation process.

Visitor Records:

Q: Will I be notified when a visitor reaches their end date?
A: Not at this stage but there are plans to introduce this functionality in the near future.

Q: There isn’t a visitor category appropriate for my visitor?
A: The Visitor categories should be considered quite broadly and you may need to choose a 'best fit' for your visitor. Please note that the issue of "roles" for UCL people (be they staff, student or visitor) is currently under review as part of the ID and Access Management policy which hopes to stream line some processes around access to UCL resources.

Q: I have a lot of new visitors. Can I undertake a bulk import of records into the Services System?
A: A bulk upload module has been added to the Services System. Up to one hundred visitors can be created and services requested in a single upload. See the bulk upload guide for more details.

Q: Where can I find the Data Protection Act form?
A: The form is available here.  It should be retained by the host department.

Q: Where can I find the Disability Egress & Evacuation Policy Document?

A: The form is available here.