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How to Create a Visitor record

The following steps will take you through how to set up a visitor record in the Services System.

Step 1: Logging in

Launch the Services System (new window)
  1. Click the link above to open the Services System launch page.
  2. Select 'Live system' to start the application
  3. When prompted, log in with your UCL userid and password (note: only registered users will be able to log in)

    Services System Login
  4. Select Services System from the Applications switchboard.

    Access the System
  5. You will be taken to the Services System main page and will see a list of Service Requests for your department(s).

    Services System main screen

Step 2: Searching for Visitor details

  1. Select the Visitors tab - you will now see a list of current and future visitors to your department(s).

    Visitors List
  2. There are usually two options here: adding a new visit to a returning visitor or creating records for new visitors in your department.
Step 2a: Returning visitors
  1. If the person you're recording has been a visitor in your department before, it's easier and quicker to add a new visit to their existing record.
  2. Use the Filter and Sort options in the lower half of the screen to show past visitors: select the Past checkbox, deselect the Current and Future checkboxes and press 'Apply' - you can filter further by specifying a UPI or last name or selecting an organisation.

  3. Find the visitor details on the list displayed and click to select it (it will appear highlighted).
  4. Now select the Visits button to display a summary of past visits for the person.

    New Visit
  5. From that screen, select the New Visit button to add details of the new visit (see below Step 4)
Step 2b: New visitors
  1. If the person you're recording hasn't been previously entered as a visitor in your department, select the New Visitor button.

    New Visitor
  2. The first step is to search against UPI to see if they have previously been associated with UCL.
  3. Enter appropriate Search criteria: try searching by First name and Last name. Use * as a wildcard. Click the Search button.

  4. Once the search has run you can either select an existing record from the Search results (use the Details button to check the associations for the person) and click OK or click the Create New Visitor button to create a new record.

    Search Results

Step 3: Recording Visitor Personal and Contact Details

  1. If you have selected an existing UPI, the person details will already be available, otherwise, enter as much information as you have about the visitor (required fields are: First name, Last name, Date of birth and Sex).

    Person details and UPI
  2. Matching UPI found

    For new visitors you must also use the Assign UPI button to generate a UCL Person Identifier for the record. Note: the process of assigning a UPI will search again using the full information for the person. You may be prompted to select an existing person's UPI from a displayed list.

  3. Contact details

    Click on the Contact Details tab and record at least one form of contact information - this can include a departmental telephone number. Note that the UCL telephone and UCL email fields will update automatically if/when a visitor is registered for those services.

  4. Click on the Visits tab to record add details of the new visit (see Step 4)

Step 4: Recording Visit details

  1. Visit details are added either as part of the process of creating a new visitor or can be added to an existing visitor. This is done from the Visits tab of a visitor record.
  2. Click in the first available row in the Visits section of the screen. This will add your default department. If you have access to more than one department, use the Select button to choose between them.
  3. The start date of today is added to the visit and can be changed as necessary.
  4. Enter the visit end date.
  5. The 'Main' field is only used if the visitor is visiting more than one department at once - it will update automatically and is used to indicate which department is printed on the visitor's ID card.

    Visit details
  6. Next select the appropriate role for the visit: Click the appropriate role and the [>] button to assign it. More details of the types of visitor available are here.
  7. Once the visit details have been entered, click the Save button.

    Save Visit

Next steps:

  • If you'd now like to create another visitor, click New visitor
  • If you'd like to request services, including computer accounts, library access and phone extensions, click Service requests. More details on how to request computer accounts are available here, and for phone extensions here.
  • If you have finished, click Close to return to the main Services System screen.
Other options

ID cards: If your visitor requires an ID card, they can visit Security Systems to obtain one - details from the Services System will be available within 15 mins of the visitor record's creation.

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