How to request a computer account

Log into the Services System [Opens in new window]

Step 1: Find the person

There are several ways to find the person you want to request a new account for:

  • If you've just created the Visitor record, use the Service Requests button on the left.
Other options
  • If the person already exists, find them on either the Visits or the Visitors tabs (or the Staff tab for Honorary staff) and click the Service Requests button. This will jump to the Service Requests tab and show any existing requests for the user. Click the New Request button to open the Service Requests screen.
Service Requests button
  • Alternatively, use the filter options directly on the Service Requests tab to show existing requests for the person and click New Request.
New Request button

Step 2: Submitting the Request

Click the New Request button and the Service Request screen will be displayed.

New Request screen

The UPI and name of the person will appear at the top, along with your default department. If you wish to associate the request with another department (that you have access to) use the Select button to the right of the Organisation box.

To select a service, click the other Select button, to the right of the Service field.

This will display the 'Select Service Type' dialogue box:

Select Service Type

Services are grouped by type and you can expand and contract the list by clicking the [+] and [-] buttons.

Computer Accounts come under "Central Computing Services" so expand that section and select the appropriate service to request.

A note on Computer Account types and charges:
The types of computer account requests you can make will depend on the person you're requesting for - in particular their status or visitor role. Some visitors are entitled to access Staff WTS, for example, while others will only receive a standard account (with access to e-mail and web resources).

The term 'chargeable' indicates that your department may be charged for the account. A basic rule-of-thumb is that if the department is charging the visitor (for example fees for a course) then the department is charged for the account.

More information on accounts, entitlement and charging is available from the Services System Guidance pages - or contact IS User Services.

Click OK to select the appropriate service and return to the Service Request screen.

Now click the Send Request button at the bottom of the screen to submit the request.

Send the Request

Next steps:

  • Once you have sent a request, the New Request button will become available. You can submit requests for other services for the same user (for example to request library borrowing access or a phone extension).
  • If you have finished submitting service requests, click Close to return to the Service Requests tab on the main screen. You should be able to see the Service Request that you have just submitted and its status "Sent to Provider".
Request statuses

Computer accounts are created by an overnight process but details are not fed back into the system until the following day - so there may be a delay before you can see the userid in the Services System. We hope to improve the time it takes to make this information available.

Once the account details have been fed back to the the system, the request status will change to Activated.

Status - Activated

If you need to know the userid more quickly (i.e. the morning after the request has been submitted) contact User Services and they will be able to look it up for you.