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Timetabling and Room Booking at UCL

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The Online Timetable is available for students and staff and displays information on when courses are being taught across UCL.

Information is entered and maintained by Departmental Timetablers in the centrally managed Facility CMIS system (see panel to the right). 
To book rooms for meetings and/or teaching events, use the Online Room Booking system.

UCL Staff can log into the system, search for bookable rooms and submit booking requests.

If the bookings are for teaching events, they should normally be entered by your Departmental Timetabler directly in CMIS. The Room Bookings team can then allocate the room as appropriate.

CMIS is the software used by Room Bookings and Departmental Timetabling staff to create the events that appear on the online systems.

CMIS is accessed through the Staff WTS service.

Q. What do I do if information is incorrect?
A. Contact your Departmental Timetabler - if you don't know who that is, check the Directory of Departmental Timetablers.

Alternatively, you can contact timetable-help{at} and support staff in the Portico Services Office will be able to investigate and/or pass your details on to the appropriate contact in your department.

Q. I'm a temporary member of staff and I'm having trouble logging onto the Room Booking system, what do I do?
A. UCL staff will have access to the system automatically but temporary staff and visitors will not. To gain access, send an e-mail to roombookings{at} and include: your name, department, UPI number (on your UCL ID card) and UCL user id.
Note: Only staff/visitors with a valid UPI and current UCL computer account can access the system.

Q. Who needs to use CMIS?
A. You'll need to use CMIS if:
- you're responsible for creating and managing your department's timetable.
- you work in one of the Room Bookings offices (either the central UCL office or at Archway or ICH).
- you support the Timetabling process (e.g. at Portico Services or in ISD).

Register for CMIS by using the form here.

Support Contacts:

Using the Online Timetable:

Queries regarding data in the online timetable.
Contact your Departmental Timetabler or e-mail timetable-help{at}

Using the Online Room Booking System:

Queries regarding room bookings and room allocation via the online Room Booking system
Contact the UCL Room Bookings office (roombookings{at} or your local room bookings administrators (for example at ICH or the Archway Campus).
If you are a temporary member of staff or visitor and need access to the Room Bookings system.
Contact the UCL Room Bookings office (roombookings{at} with your name, department, UPI (on your ID card) and UCL computer user id.

Help for Departmental Timetablers can be divided roughly into five areas:

Information and Guidance: including key dates, how-to guides, an overview of the timetabling process, the block structure, and the user group

Visit the Timetable Support pages at

The Timetabling process: how to organise the timetable, concepts and putting it into practice. Advice on how to set up groups, correcting and updating data from Portico, sharing data between departments.
Contact Portico Services Office via the timetable-support{at} email address.
Tools for Timetable Production: reports for clash checking, subgroup allocation tools, department timetable generator, quick access to data. Visit the Timetabler Support page at
Allocation of Centrally Bookable space: questions regarding room allocation for your timetable.
Contact Johanna Gonzalez, Timetabling Coordinator for the Room Bookings Office via room-bookings{at} Always quote the CMIS Event ID if you have one.
CMIS: Technical queries regarding how to do something with CMIS, with user accounts or data permissions, or problems with the software. Also, any queries regarding training for the CMIS software.
Contact the CMIS Support team in ISD via cmis-support{at}