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Estates Systems

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Launch the Radioactive Substances System
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Facility CMIS Room Bookings system (see Timetabling)

ISD operate several systems on behalf of Estates Division:


FAMIS is a fully integrated suite of enterprise facilities management software modules, which are currently being implemented by the Estates and Facilities Division for the management of space, capital projects, assets, maintenance and operations.

Java versions and FAMIS - March 2014

FAMIS currently only supports Java 6 update 45. Java 7 support will be enabled shortly (April 2014).

Important note: the presence of earlier versions of Java can significantly increase the security risk to your computer. You can mitigate this risk by using a different browser for accessing FAMIS from your other web browsing. Enable the Java plugin only on the browser you use for FAMIS and other applications that need the Java plugin.

FAMIS is supported by the Estates Information Systems section who also look after registrations:

Radioactive Substances System

A new system is being developed for managing Radioactive substances.

StarRez: Student Accommodation System

StarRez is the Students Accommodation System introduced in 2011 and replacing the legacy SARS system.

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