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Support for EDRM users

Launch of EDRM
Introduction to Documentum
Support for EDRM superusers


The EDRM is only available for certain departments who have been fully rolled out on the system. The roll out will include setting up a specific file structure which will meet your department's needs. A full list of departments who have been rolled out along with the future roll-out schedule can be found here.


Users are expected to contact their super-users in the first instance for assistance on the EDRM (please see previous link above). Depending on your departmental procedures you may contact them directly or by using the support form found in the following link. This form will report the problem to your departmental superuser.  Use your UCL userid and password to access the form.

Please note that Management Systems will pick up urgent queries or queries where the super-users are unavailable.


The following is a description of the problem categories available when using the problem logging form.

Problem categories available are as follows:

  • Access Requests: To be used for access to the EDRM for new users. Please advise of the folders that the user needs access to
  • In-line accounts: To be used for accounts to be set up on the development or test system for testing with specific roles.
  • Log-in failures: To be used for issues with logging in to the EDRM. Please include the error message you receive in order to assist problem resolution.
  • Problem Reports: To be used for any other problems with the EDRM. If you receive an error message please include this in the description in order to assist problem resolution.
  • Enhancement Request:  To be used to provide details on an enhancement to EDRM.  This is a request for new functionality within EDRM.  Please be as detailed as possible.
  • Change Request: To be used to provide details on a requested change to existing functionality within to EDRM.  Please be as detailed as possible.

When you save the form, an email will be sent to the appropriate superuser based on the Department you have selected.

You will receive an email confirming that your problem has been submitted.  The email will contain the name of the superuser the problem has been assigned to.

Please do not respond to this message.

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