Registering for UCL Administrative Systems

Registration and Authorisation

Complete the relevant registration form below. Please bear the following important points in mind so that we can deal with requests as quickly as possible:

  • Use the right form: Different applications have different registration and authorisation processes, make sure you use the correct form.

    • Note on completing the HR Registration forms:
  • Get the Form signed: Access to UCL Administrative system requires signed authorisation by the 'Data Owner' in the relevant division. Only return forms to MS once they have been signed [excepting the Services System which requires authorisation within MS]
  • Get signatures from the correct people: Some applications require authorisation by both your Head of Department (or equivalent) and the 'Data Owner'. If only one signature is required on the form, it will be for the authorised 'data owner' and NOT your Head of Department.
  • It is a fundamental UCL Internal Audit requirement that access to many of these systems is signed off by the head of the requesting department. In the absence or unavailability of the head the forms can be signed off by his/her nominee. The nominee will normally be a person who is of sufficient seniority to manage or significantly contribute to the management of the department in the head's absence and is empowered to authorise access to systems that pertain to the administration and finances of the department.

Registration Forms

Click on the name of the system for the appropriate registration form.

Please ensure that the correct form is used and that it is signed by the appropriate contact listed above - we will not be able to process applications that have not been correctly authorised.


Authorised By :

SiP Nikoleta Pappa or Helen Brown in the HR Information Office
HR Departmental Reporting (DAM) [.doc] Alan Liddell in the HR Information Office
Services System [.doc] Your Head of Department and a representative of ISD.
Records Office Archiving [.doc]
Robert Winckworth in the Records Office
DeMISt Admissions [.doc] Your Head of Department
CMIS [.doc] Your Head of Department
Radioactive Substances [.doc] Joan Weale in Safety Services
Other HR systems: Redeployment, Senior Promotions, SPS, UPAY, etc [.doc] Nikoleta Pappa, Rachna Kayastha or Rashpal Liddar, in the HR Information Office
Advance Alumni system [.doc] Sue Watts in Development & Corporate Communications
Research Publications Service - Administrator Access [.doc]
Your Head of Department

Terms & Conditions for use of UCL Administrative Applications

  1. Unless otherwise prescribed, the data shall remain the property of the Authorising department/division.
  2. Persons to whom access is granted may use the data only for authorised purposes and are bound by the requirements of the Data Protection Act and UCL Computer Regulations.
  3. It is the user’s responsibility to safeguard at all times the security of the data and not to allow unauthorised access to it.
  4. Access is granted to the named user ONLY. Changes in personnel or requirements should be notified to Management Systems as soon as possible.
  5. Users must NOT disclose their username and/or password to any other individual.
  6. Authorisation of access will be subject to review and renewal every two years.
  7. Failure to abide by any of these terms and conditions may lead to withdrawal of this authorisation.

Code of Practice Governing Access to Database Records

1. Access to databases is authorised on the understanding that the persons to whom such access is granted comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. For further details please refer to the UCL Information Security Policy.
The principles of the Act may be summarised as follows. Personal data shall be:

  • processed fairly and lawfully and shall not be processed unless certain conditions are met;
  • obtained for specified and lawful purposes and not further processed in a manner incompatible with that purpose;
  • adequate, relevant and not excessive;
  • accurate and, where necessary, up to date;
  • kept for no longer than necessary;
  • processed in accordance with data subjects' rights;
  • protected by appropriate security;
  • not transferred without adequate protection.

2. You are reminded, therefore, that you should not disclose the information contained in any database to any third party, other than:

  • those academic or administrative staff of your department who have a legitimate interest in the information so disclosed;
  • the Provost, Vice-Provosts, Heads of Administrative Divisions of the College, or members of their Division authorised by them to have such access.

3. In order that appropriate security is maintained:

  • site all equipment which will be used to access the records in a secure location not vulnerable to vandalism or theft, and where access can be restricted to authorised personnel;
  • site VDU screens and printers so that they cannot be seen by members of the public;
  • do not leave personal details of persons displayed on the screen longer than is absolutely necessary;
  • keep all diskettes, magnetic tape or other media in secure lockable storage when not in use;
  • ensure that obsolete data are erased from disks/tapes;
  • establish strict procedures for the distribution, storage and disposal of printed output;
  • maintain the confidentiality of your own user identity and password;
  • change your password on a regular basis;
  • ensure that you log out of the system when not in use.