UCL Information Services Division


Website Requests - UCL staff only

NB Due to the work involved in building our new CMS, we are currently unable to take on requests for websites in need of a database.

Website using the centrally-supported Content Management System (CMS)


If you are asking for a website and need a domain name, please read the UCL URL Policy.

To start the process, please check the matrix page to give you an idea of the kind of websites people request and what Digital Presence can offer you:

    • Note: staff who want to have their own webpage(s) should contact the Chief Editor of their departmental/faculty/school website to discuss their requirements. 
    • You can email web-support@ucl.ac.uk if you cannot find out their name.

Website for a site NOT using the CMS- UCL staff only

Sometimes there is a need to have a website on Apache, i.e. NOT using the centrally supported Content Management System (CMS).

This may be because there is a need for a database (MySQL) or because of other, valid reasons.

In this case, we would like you to discuss the request for an account with the Computer Rep of your department who will need to sign off the form that needs completing:

Once the form has been completed and sent to web-support@ucl.ac.uk, if agreed, an account will be created and you will be informed of the details in due course.